Monday, 2 February 2015



Genesis         28: 10 – 22

Psalm             23

Luke               17: 11 – 19 (Ten healed of Leprosy but one returned to thank Jesus)

Matthew       9: 16 (new patch on old cloth)

Matthew       13: 1 – 23 (Parable of the Sower)

Matthew       13: 44 (Parable of the Hidden treasure)

Matthew       25: 14 – 30 (the parable of the talents)

Luke               10: 25 – 37 (The parable of the Good Samaritan)

Luke               15: 11 – 32 (The parable of the lost son)

Proverbs       2: 1 – 5 (moral benefits of wisdom)

Psalm             146: 1 – 2 (Praise the Lord)

Psalm             121: 1 – 2 (Where does my help come from)

Psalm             118: 1 (Give thanks to the Lord)

Psalm             103: 1 – 5 (Praise to God)

Psalm             71: 1 – 8 (taking refuge in God).

1 Peter 5:7 - “He careth for you” – the guidance to us the children by Late Besuel Ssebayizzi Kiwanuka (BSK).


1.      Katonda tumwebaze       N’enyimba ez’amatendo           372 (182)
2.      Yesu musumba wange    Bulijjo ansanyusa                           361 (287)
3.      Nsanyukira ekigambo kino         Yesu mukama atwagala 343 (145)
4.      Nalyoka ne nkuseng ggwe        Omulokozi Katonda         338 (254)
5.      Nnina omukwano gwange, ye Yasooka okwagala nze 332 (240)
6.      Bwe ntambulira mu kkubo         Yesu ankulembera            321 (273)
7.      Yesu, Sikyali ku bwange  Nze ndi muddu wo buddu         307 (251)

Penina and her friend shortly after arriving at Sissa.

This one delivered Penina to Sissa.

Aunt Joyce with Penina

Grand mother and host Mrs Penina Nabumba Kiwanuka takes some readings from the Bible.

Congratulations to Penina.

Congratulations to Bruce

Serving at the High Table

That is Penina's smile.
Penina seated next to the lady who accompanied her to Sissa as grand father Lutwama enjoys his lunch.

Penina tells those present what she studied at University

Bruce was briefing the gathering what it was reading to get a 2nd Class Upper degree. 

Katunda addressing the gathering on behalf of the mother of Bruce.

Grand father Lutwama addresses the gathering

Preparing to cut cakes.

Penina cuts a cake with grand mother

Aunt Alice claps as grand mother cuts a cake with Bruce 

Bruce with Penina cut a cake with their grand mother Penina Kiwanuka.

Aunt Margret congratulates Bruce

Aunt Margaret with Penina before giving her a present. 

Katunda poses with the graduates after giving them presents.

Grand parents: Mr. Lutwama & Mr. Kalugye

Jajja Maama Naba (Mrs Lutwama)

For many years Bruce has stayed with the group which includes Jacob, Saulo and Phiona

Bruce & Penina pose for a photo with their Aunt Alice.

Simon who is in his final year at Nkumba University poses for a photo with Bruce & Penina.

Penina & Bruce take a photo with Grandma Penina Kiwanuka

Grand children & Great Grand children take a photo with Grand mother Mrs Penina Kiwanuka.
Katunda (right) with the friends he came with to the function

Presents to Penina & Bruce

Mrs Lutwama with her grand children (David Kituuka's daughters)

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