Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Museveni is ever firm on his beliefs; unfortunately, this is the main unmaking of the man who has miraculously ruled the country with an iron hand for 27 years.  When Museveni tells off lecturers that there is no money, that what is there is for roads, you may think that his Government meets the 100% wage bill for the staff at Makerere University, unfortunately, it only meets 59%!

The problem with people who shoot their way to leadership like the Museveni type is not only that they think they are alpha and omega, but many times they distort a lot simply to get their dreams realized!  Uganda has paid a big price during Museveni’s administration which has compromised any worthy development that the country would get to.  It is not clear how the man feel in love with being party to internal politics of other countries as he impoverishes Uganda.  It is no surprise that everything is in a mess, and he is yet to freely give up power.  Man power outside the country can make miracles, but many are simply not ready to serve under a regime which is yet to get to the civilized political order, with primitive accumulation and outright theft of public funds one among the norms.

Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu, the Vice Chancellor Makerere University is quoted to have said that currently, 59% of the staff salaries come from Government, and the remaining 41% from Internally Generated Revenue.  His prayer at the time of the quote is that Government takes over the entire wage bill so that Internally Generated Revenue can be directed to other Core Activities like equipping laboratories.  This statement became public information on 3rd August 2013 when Makerere winded up its celebrations for 90 years since inception.  The unfortunate development is that even the little that would help on Core Activities is to eaten up by increases in staff salaries, as Government keeps spending on what they imagine is necessary to keep the patronage.

Prof. Apolo Robin Nsibambi in the Magazine: Makerere University Celebrating 90 years of Building for the Future says, “A major issue which has afflicted Makerere University and other public universities is that the salaries of the academic and administrative staff are inadequate.  Consequently, the staff members have to teach in other institutions in order to supplement their meager salaries.  They are frustrated when other institutions such as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Bank of Uganda and Uganda Revenue Authority top executives get more than 10 times what a Professor earns at Makerere.  A Professor earns shs 3.2m per month.  The salaries at Makerere are lower than what is paid in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Nsibambi said that he has proposed that one Independent Salaries Body be instituted to determine the salaries of the Executive, judiciary and Parliament and other institutions in the country.  This requires amending Article 85 of the Constitution, which empowers the Parliament to determine its emoluments.

As a Chancellor of Victoria University, I have noted the positive consequences of paying academic staff well.  They are highly motivated and they concentrate their effort on teaching and research said Nsibambi.

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