Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mikhail Kalashnikov is dead

Mikhail Kalashnikov, whose name will forever be connected to one of the world's most popular and deadly weapons, has died.  

The 94-year-old inventor of the AK-47 rifle died Monday, December 23, 2013 at a hospital in the Udmurt republic.  He had been "suffering from heart-related problems in recent years [and] had been in intensive care in Izhevsk." 

Kalashnikov had designed the gun only for the protection of his fatherland, and that it was the fault of politicians if the weapon was misused.

The AK-47 was designed in 1945 and was "the first gun to bridge the gap between submachine guns and long, heavy rifles. It was a simple, reliable, lightweight weapon that almost anyone could use. And once it was put into mass production, it was available to almost everyone."

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