Wednesday, 5 November 2014


At the time when Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) wanted the Commercial Motorcyclists (boda boda) operating in Kampala City counted, there came a man by the name Abdalla Kitata the Chief of Boda Boda 2010.  This fellow was able to stand in the way and the counting had to be re – scheduled.  Kitata has been heard on a number of Radio stations claiming how he has direct touch with President Museveni, and this is the source of the problems.  Kitata alleges to have been able to get motor cycles directly from the President for the benefit of the commercial motorcyclists.  While some people may think all is well within the boda boda operators, the talk show on Monday evening on Radio Kaboozi – 87.9FM at 8.00pm brought out clearly that not all is well with Kitata even among the boda boda operators.  They allege that Kitata is able to abuse their rights and he is proud about it!
The Monday strike by the Taxi operators has had one of the engineers as Kitata.  While some people may be happy with Kitata, they have to be ready for the outcome of his operations.  While the strike was on, some taxi’s were damaged and it is alleged that the scheming had been by Kitata himself to have all the taxi operators observe the strike.  It is true that the situation in Uganda is very challenging to a number of people, and when Kitata is left to do what he wishes, those in authority should be ready for the consequences.  We are aware that KCCA has plans to re – locate the boda boda operators.  We are also aware that President Museveni wants KCCA to see that the status of Kampala is lifted to cope with other cities.  In this respect, if the security personnel don’t put a limit to what Kitata can do through his mobilization, the worst is yet to be seen in Kampala.   

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