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By Dr. G.H. Kkolokolo

Very sad news indeed! Another very shocking piece to SMACK! Legendary independence struggle politician, A.D. Lubowa has died! He passed away on 7th December, 2017.   He was aged 90 but at that age he was still very active and ever ready to help especially in matters regarding advice and counsel to politicians, journalists and researchers.  Owek. A.D. Lubowa was at St. Mary's College Kisubi in the late forties and he had a lot of esteem for his College. He entered public life when still a young man. He was a very popular and influential editor of the then Uganda Eyogera a local newspaper published in the fifties / sixties. He became a vocal agitator and charismatic fighter for Uganda's independence. He was a reputed  orator mobilizing masses for his action. He won a Lukiiko seat and was a very active Lukiiko Member, eventually becoming Minister of Local Government and Minister of Justice at Mengo.
 Even in old age he actively engaged in political struggles. He was so well appreciated that under present day Mengo he became Speaker of the Buganda Lukiiko and was also entrusted with other key functions.
 A very friendly and pragmatic politician, Mr. Lubowa practically knew every politician from every corner of the country and he was also on good talking terms with a number of those ancient Kenyan politicians. He was indeed a person with tremendous influence in the region.
 An influential Old Boy of the great College, Mr Lubowa, during the 1960’s he would regularly attend the annual OB meetings whether at Kisubi or at our Lubaga Old Boys Club, and he is remembered for having seconded a number of poor students for bursaries from Mengo.
 Stemming from a strong religious background in Masaka, Lubowa was a practicing Christian.  One day, in my student days at Paris University, I was moved to see him as part of a vast Ugandan pilgrimage to Rome and Lourdes. I was introduced to him, I remember, by scientist G.W. Ssentongo (OB, Lourdel 1959-1964), who was also part of the group and who had just been appointed Senior Executive at FAO. (Rome).
 May the good God grant eternal heavenly peace to Owek. A.D. Lubowa.
 And deepest condolences to you all!

Veteran Buganda politician, A. D. Lubowa dies

By James Kabengwa
Former Buganda Kingdom minister and journalist, AD Lubowa has died. He died on Thursday night. The kingdom’s information minister, Mr Noah Kiyimba confirmed Lubowa’s demise saying Buganda has lost a loyal servant.
Lubowa has been prominent in the kingdom of Buganda and Uganda.
He served as Buganda’s Local Government Minister between 1962 and 1963 before Kabaka Edward Muteesa appointed him Attorney General between 1964 and1966 when the then Prime Minister Milton Obote attacked Mengo palace and abolished cultural institutions.
He is one of the people who represented Buganda during the first Uganda Constitutional Conference in 1961. The Conference opened on September 18, 1961, at Lancaster House in London.
The Buganda Kingdom delegation was headed by Mr. M. Kintu (Katikkiro). The other delegates were Mr. A.K. Sempa, Mr. L.N. Basudde, Mr. A.D Lubowa, Dr. E.M.K. Muwazi, and Dr. E.B.S. Lumu. Messrs E.W. Kiggundu, A.F. Mpanga, E.F.N. Gratiaen, CMG, QC, J.G.M. Flegg, Dingle Foot, QC, MP, and D.S. Downs served as advisers to the delegates.
The most important outcome of the Conference was that the parties to the negotiations agreed that Uganda would attain full Independence on October 9, 1962.
The Uganda Government delegation was led by Sir Frederick Crawford, GCMG, OBE (Governor); the other delegates were Sir Walter Coutts, CMG, MBE (Governor-Designate), the Honourable B.K.M Kiwanuka (Chief Minister), the Honourable R.I.E Dreschfield, CMG, QC (Attorney-General), the Honourable C.G.F.F Melmoth (Minister of Finance), the Honourable B.K. Bataringaya (Minister of Local Government), and the Honourable C. K. Patel, CBE, QC (Minister of Commerce and Industry). Messrs C.P.S. Allen and A.C. Badenoch served as advisers to the delegates.
The Democratic Party delegation was headed by the Hon. R.A. Mbonye Byombi, MP for Bufumbira County, and included the following Honourable Members of Parliament: A.A. Kaduyu, R.B. Bwambale, H.A. Vuciri, J.H. Obonyo, P. Auk, A. Oriekot, N.K. Rugyemwa, P.J. Wilkinson, QC, M.K. Patel and A.W.K. Mukasa.
The Uganda Peoples’ Congress delegation was headed by the Hon. A.M. Obote, MP for Lango (Leader of the Opposition), and included the following Honourable Members of Parliament: J.K. Babiiha, M.L. Choudry, Y.M. Chemonges, G.S.K. Ibingira, S.W. Kulubya, CBE, A.G. Mehta, W.W.K. Nadiope, and M.M. Ngobi. The Honourable I.D. Hunter and the Honourable G.B.K. Magezi served as advisers to the delegates.
During Kabaka Ronald Mutebi reign, Lubowa was the Lukiiko (Parliament) Speaker before being appointed a junior minister in the office of Katikkiro. He retired to his Maya home in Wakiso District until his death.

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