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He was one of the evangelists of OBULOKOLE in Namutamba

Canon Bunyenyezi was born in 1914 and educated in Kigezi. He also attended Mukono Theological College in 1941, but when a group there started Obulokole, Revivalism ( as we saw in last posts), among whom were himself and others including William Nagenda , the rather reactionary church leaders could not stand the insubordination and expelled the lot of them. They did not then know it, but by this action they were fanning the fires of the very organization they were trying to suppress.

It went on to ignite the whole of East Africa, as well as Rwanda and Burundi, and parts of Congo. From there it leaped across oceans, to the four corners of the earth. What a phenomenon, born in the then practically unheard of country of Uganda, itself not to become an independent entity for another two decades! Canon Bunyenyezi went on to preach the gospel in Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire, Congo. (DRC by now)

It was from there that his great friend, William Nagenda, together with L.C. Lea Wilson, the great farmer and missionary, invited him to come to Namutamba Tea Estate, there to work and preach, which he did promptly.

Canon Bunyenyezi was quiet, quizzical, patient, humble, serious, and serene. The smile on his face was gentle and tolerant, but not easily fooled; the tolerance coming from acknowledgement of human frailty, his own included. He was a man ever seen much in a long life lived in different circumstances and conditions; He “fought the good fight with all his might”!

One of his sayings which will remain is: “Genda mpola ssebo” [go slowly sir] when talking to him thus how he could advise you! ( I Buyinza Daniel, had an opportunity to sit under his counsel )

It was on Sunday 14 October, 2001 called to his rest by his Master.

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