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75 years of Namutamba Demonstration School

Welcome to Namutamba Demonstration School

In 2011; Namutamba Demonstration School made 75 years teaching children from within Namutamba Parish.  We thank God very much for the products of the school; the teachers who have been devoted through the years; and we pray to God for a better future of the Demonstration School.
 The sign post which directs you where you have to branch off to go to the school
Geographical Location
Namutamba village derives its name from Namutamba Hill, located in Bulera Sub County in Mityana District. Mityana District was established on July 1st 2005 by an act of parliament with the aim of making administration and service delivery easier. Initially the district was part of Mubende District. Namutamba is an eighty eight (88) kilometers’ journey West of Kampala, via Mityana and twenty one (21) kilometers north of Mityana by road. Kampala is the Capital city of Uganda, our country being a land locked country is situated in East Africa.

The climate shows small variation of temperature, humidity and winds. The district experiences rain throughout the year, with heavy rains in March- April and September- November. The annual average rainfall is 930mm. It was a fertile hill, with an altitude of 13,520M above the sea level and used to be mostly covered in tall elephant grass. The high altitude ensures favorable climate with medium annual temperatures ranging from 17.2 degrees to 29 degrees centigrade
History of the School:
The School was started in 1936 AD as a Community School at Butumbizi. The Proprietor was Mr. LEA WILSON a British who came in the area to open up a Tea Estate.
The landscape of the Tea Estate, the pillar behind Namutamba initial growth by the Lea Wilson's
The purpose of starting this school was to enable the children of his workers (at the shamba) to have education. At this time the school was known as Butumbizi Sub- Grade. The parents were not directly paying school dues. School fee was deducted from the wages of the employees who had children. This was by the manager who would later pay it to the school administration.In 1941, the school was transferred from Butumbizi to Kiwanda. The reason for the transfer was to have it in close vicinity to Namutamba Vernacular Teacher Training College (VTTC) which had been transferred from Mukono. Students from the VTTC would carry out their School Practice at the school. The school name was changed to Namutamba Practicing School. The school had classes One to Three, and Reverend Bulasio. K. Lwanga was the Head teacher.
In 1946, the School was promoted to full Primary status that is from primary one to six and officially made a Demonstration School.
The staff of six at Namutamba Demonstration School - 1946.  Third from right is Mr. G. Tibamwenda who was appointed headmaster after Rev. Blasio Lwanga
In 1957, a Junior Secondary School was started with Mr. G. W. Kiberu and Mr. John Nagenda the class teachers. The Head teacher was Mr. G K TibamwendaIn July Mr. Nagenda John left for Makerere University.
The Late Besuel Kiwanuka
In 1959, the Principal, Mr. Kayongo appointed Mr. Besuel Kiwanuka Head of the upper classes and Mr. Tibamwenda the Head of the primary section. There were two heads under one School. In December 196,1 Mr. Besuel Kiwanuka was transferred to Kasaka Junior Secondary school.
 Mr. G.W. Kiberu
Mr. Kiberu was appointed Head teacher of the junior section after the departure of Mr. Besuel Kiwanuka.  July 1959, Mr. Kiberu left for an upgrading course at Buloba, and returned in 1960. Mr. Nabembezi Joshua Ssalongo was the 1st Head teacher of the fully integrated Namutamba Demonstration School and this was in 1964.
Mr. Nabembezi
In September 1965, Mr. Nabembezi was granted a Commonwealth Scholarship to study Education Administration in The United Kingdom.
 Mr. Fred Muleto
When Nabembezi left, Mr. Samuel Munyegenyo was appointed Acting Head teacher. Mr. J. Fred. Muleto (Ssalongo) joined the staff of Namutamba Demonstration School in September 1966. In January 1967, Muleto was appointed Head teacher hence taking over from Mr. Munyegenyo. Mr. Muleto left in April 1968 to take up an appointment as Assistant Education Officer within in the Ministry of Education.
  Mr. Kasule Yekosofati
Mr. Kasule Yekosofati joined Namutamba staff on 1st January 1966. On 1st May 1968, he was appointed third full Head teacher succeeding Mr. Muleto. At the end of 1970; Kasule went to study for a diploma at Makerere University Kampala.
When Mr. Kasule Yekosofati left, Mr. Kaboggoza Kalibbala David replaced him and was Head teacher up to 1977. Kaboggoza had been District Sports Officer for Mubende district. Mr. Njagala Godfrey was promoted Head teacher of Namutamba Demonstration School after the departure of Kaboggoza, but his appointment was short as he took up a teaching post at Namutamba Teachers College.
Mr. Sebuliba Seth replaced Mr. Njagala as Head teacher in 1980 and he was Head teacher of the school up to 1985
 Mrs. Merab. C. Bukenya
The 1st woman Head teacher appointed was Mrs. Merab. C. Bukenya. This was in 1986 and she stayed in the position up to her retirement in 1994.
Mr. John Kataza Head teacher 
In 1995, Mr. Kataza John Livingstone was appointed Head teacher of the school the position he held up to 2001. Later he was replaced by Mr. Kyobe Nathaniel who was Head teacher up to 2004 when he was transferred. Mr Kataza was re-appointed to Head the school a position he  holds holds to-date 2011.
Appreciation of the Demonstration School
The Main Building with Primary Seven Classes at Namutamba Dem.
Children having porridge for lunch in what serves as the Kitchen
The sorry state of what serves as  a Library.  The place is so small and no infrastructure for a Library in place.
The place above serves for worship as well as a cool environment for reading
Some of the children at school
The sorry state of one of the teacher's house.  This situation is to all staff accommodation at the Demonstration School.
 A staff house in a very bad shape
One of the three newly put up buildings at the School
A former primary one class abandoned due to the state in which it is; however can be repaired
This building stands incomplete, and there is worry that it may get damaged before completion.
 Fruit trees can do very well if planted to provide for the children diet as well as income when surplus is sold off

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