Friday, 7 June 2013


Erias Lukwago a good lawyer

Erias Lukwago was able to make it to the Parliament of Uganda after he had scored given that his Company had excelled in providing the much needed legal services which the business community in Kampala needed.  So, it is right to say that, the performance of his chambers was the basis for backing his successes in getting to Parliament.

When Lukwago was in Parliament, I was one of those people who advocated for a change in the way politicians were handling matters as the city had gone to dogs.  I advocate for the head of works in Kampala to be a person appointed against competence in delivering.  The problems with the likes of Lukwago is that they want to show that they are concerned with the welfare of each and every person, yet it becomes impossible in that as you want to clean the city, a person who comes all the way from Kajjansi wants to trade anywhere he/she feels like and you think you can be there for all such people.  I was disappointed to see Lukwago stand to see a reduction from shs 120,000 to 70,000 to be paid by those who own taxis in Kampala.  Those who do business in Kampala are aware that it is very difficult to estimate the actual time you need to cross from one part of the city to another; a problem many who do serious business have complained about for long.  One idea of having taxis pay shs 120,000 is to De-congest the city.

Lukwago and Besigye in market having lunch before tear gas by the Police

Lukwago got it wrong that using or working with Kizza Besigye would help his work.  The people of Kampala voted him to deliver services to better their welfare, instead Lukwago's mission's have seen many lose their properties, etc.  One cannot fool with the NRM Government by making a partnership with Besigye and one imagines he is safe.  On some Radio Talk shows, Lukwago has shown to be in combat with Government.  It is not the NRM that can always use any possible strategies that could let Lukwago have his way.  I get to imagine that Lukwago before performing as Lord mayor got over ambitious for even bigger things, and now the law courts could save him ,but at what cost to the voters who need services?

You would imagine that with the vehicle and other resource at his disposable, the Lord Mayor would cease to be in combat and work for better service delivery, unfortunately, this is still a big problem.  

William Kituuka Kiwanuka 

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