Monday, 24 June 2013


I thank God the way I was brought up.  I went to one of those pioneer schools in Uganda that had very good moral and other educational foundation that is Namutamba Demonstration School formerly in Mubende district.  I seriously thought of a school that would give me good foundation, and given the stories about St. Mary's College Kisubi, I decided to apply to that school, and, God gave me the opportunity.  I studied at SMACK for 6 years, and I cannot regret it.  This background is the basis of my analysis of the political developments, and the call for being rational.

Some people who are outside Uganda at times get issues and developments upside down.  What we need is rationality in what we do and say.  If some members have resources, just request for a copy of the Meddie Nsereko programme of Thursday, and imagine whether you think a rational person would have come up with the outbursts that Nambooze made.  There is no degree of desperateness that can compromise the station to such a level.  Surely, I have never loved Museveni moves; we parted in 1979 when he found us (SMACK students) demonstrating on Entebbe road and his soldiers surrounded us, and he forced us to go back to school, and till death I will not share in anything with Museveni because he lost my trust then.  Nambooze has enough to get her voice heard, this includes the Parliament, and she can call a Press Conference anytime she may wish, but it will be very irrational for CBS to keep giving her audience to a level where anytime many may be laid off and income to the station compromised not forgetting the many educative programs that are aired.  CBS management is free to do what they wish, but I once again say, for a reasonable Ugandan, there is no value addition Nambooze’s participation will make apart from putting Buganda’s relations with Government even worse.

Evidence where I have supported Nambooze’s cause:

William Kituuka

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