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The NRM Government should get the balance of the 9,000 square miles of land to Buganda.  Since Buganda Land Board is entrusted with the management of the 350 square miles, some other arrangement could be agreed to regarding the distribution of this land to the landless Baganda.  It is a fact that this land was meant for the landless Baganda who are languishing in poverty simply because they don't have land, yet this land is being availed to some people who have land wherever they are born.  NRM Government must stop being unfair and using excuses as this land slowly but steadily is getting less in quantity.  If one moves upcountry, it is a fact that many families have communal land much of which is yet to be developed, however here in Buganda, the landless Baganda are increasing in number and having land would help them meet the basics for survival.  This land should be availed at least as acre to the landless Baganda.  These may be charged for surveying the land and then be given a title.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

The 9,000sq. miles were demarcated as "waste and uncultivated land to be vested in her majesty's government" from the estimated 19,600 square miles of Buganda. It was the remainder after specifying land given to chiefs, royals and administrative units.

But where exactly are the 9000sq. miles? Does it include the land you live on? "All land in Buganda was surveyed. Every piece of land for which a title (land title) was not issued was part of crown land and therefore is part of the 9000sq.miles we want. If you are on land that doesn't have a title, then you are on this land," Mayiga says.

In 1967 constitution, this land reverted to the Uganda Land Commission, and a small part to KCC and later district land boards (under the Land Act, 1998).

Cabinet Sub-Committee to study Buganda's 9,000 square miles

Cabinet has set up a sub-committee to study the nature of contention surrounding the 9,000 square miles of land.

The issue of the 9,000 square miles of land remains contentious with Buganda Government demanding that it be returned.
The Uganda Government took over the land in 1967 after President Milton Obote disbanded Kingdoms.

But already the Buganda Government is questioning the motive of Cabinet wondering why they would go ahead to discuss the interpretations to the 9,000 square miles of land without involving Kingdom officials.

Medard Lubega, the Buganda Government Deputy Spokesperson says they are willing to volunteer information to the Sub-Committee on the controversial land.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source at the Ministry of Lands said the Sub-Committee would study interpretations made by the Ministry's lawyers on the 9,000 square miles of land and come up with a harmonized position.

Officials at the Lands Ministry including Junior Ministers are tight lipped about the details of the interpretations, but the source says the Ministry's lawyers gave divergent views.
When contacted, the Lands Minister Omara Atubo said he was not aware that a sub-committee had been established to address the contention.
Last week, the Lands Minister issued an internal memo restricting all members of staff from discussing the issue of the 9,000 square miles and other land matters until Cabinet comes up with a harmonized position. In his communication, the Minister said the issue was becoming very sensitive.

The Ministry ban was in response to the comments attributed to the State Minister for Lands Kasirivu Atwooki in which he reportedly said that people occupying customary land would be given free freehold land titles for a fee of 22,000 shillings.

The Minister reportedly said in the press reports that the move was intended to ensure a systematic demarcation and surveying of land currently under the control of Uganda Land Board.
The Ministry is disputing the reports. Dennis Obbo the Ministry's Spokesperson says the 22,000 shillings is a mandatory fee for all applicants of land titles.

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