Wednesday, 26 June 2013


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Dear Willy,
Nearly 200,000 ONE members from all over the continent told us earlier this year that accessing quality healthcare is one of Africa’s most urgent development priorities. And there are plenty of reasons why.
Preventable and treatable diseases such as AIDS, TB, and malaria continue to kill more than 2 million people in Africa every year, whilst every day 2,000 children die from diarrhoea.
What’s so tragic is that we know how to stop these scourges. Over the last few decades, we have learned so much about what it takes to solve global health challenges. Smart planning, effective delivery, public-private partnerships and local innovation can all work together to improve our health. But regardless of where you live, there has to be enough money to fund this work. And that’s where you can step in.
We’re launching a campaign asking Africa’s leaders to increase funding to health care and to open up our countries’ health budgets so that we can save lives. When we all know how our taxes are spent, we will be one step closer to solving our greatest health problems.
So join me today in signing our petition:
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The petition reads:
Dear African leaders,
AIDS, TB, and malaria are all preventable and treatable, yet together they still kill more than 2 million African people each year. Please open your budgets and keep your promises on health spending, so that these deaths can be avoided.
We know we can do this. Twelve years ago, our leaders signed a historic commitment to spend 15% of our countries’ budgets on healthcare in Abuja, Nigeria. But only six countries are now doing so.
Let’s tell our leaders to meet their funding promise and show us where the money is being spent. Open budgets will save lives.
Thank you,
Dr. Sipho S. Moyo
Africa Director,

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