Monday, 24 June 2013


Dear President Museveni,

I wish to inform you that the development by your Government of intercepting our communication be it by phone or the Internet is most unfortunate.  All the time, your Government is calling for investors, but who is to invest in a country where all the communication has to go through a third party, many of whose credentials are questionable.  You may not believe, but the truth is that your people who are doing this work have gone to the extent of originating emails replying the ones we send out!  You can get a shock of your life to see your son referring to you as "William", only to realize that it is some ignorant party who has intercepted the email and replied to it.

I have to- date gone to at least 6 cafes where the Internet has got virtually off after I tried to access some website.  I cannot use my modem because the powers that be have blocked it!  It is common for someone to wring a number I have rang sometime only to realize that it is a fake person who pretends to be the owner of the phone number.  No body is secure with this development, because those getting money will get intercepted by the people who are monitoring our communication.

I realize, the NRM may have done a number of mistakes, but I think it is wrong to imagine that this  measure will save the regime. 

William Kituuka

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