Friday, 27 September 2013


Yesterday, Thursday, 26th September 2013, saw the burial of Jimmy Kitaka Kajoba who had been the Manager of Jinja Agricultural Show Ground.  Jimmy is alleged to have collapsed while he was travelling in a taxi to Kampala last Saturday.  It is said that the taxi took Kitaka to Mukono Hospital where it was established that his pressure was very high.  Efforts were made to ring the number he had last talked to, which helped get the various people to help.  When pressure dropped a bit, the Ambulance donated by Nambooze was supplied with fuel and it took Kitaka to Nakasero Hospital where he died on Tuesday after doctors established that blood had gone to his brain, etc.
According to one of the mourners, Jimmy’s stroke was attributed to stress.  He was demanding a lot of money due to him from Uganda National Farmers’ Federation, yet he had obligations to meet fees of his two children still at University in addition to seeing his personal house completed.
Jimmy’s case may apply to a number of people working for the Government of Uganda and or its suppliers who find themselves getting peanuts an for the contractors, stress as they get assets tendered as security sold off to recover bank funds.
The indifference of the NRM Government is partly due to the arrogance of some of its leaders.  If Government is serious, it can cut on wastage and get money to inject into productive areas.  Secondly, through ill  advised policies like the continued sponsorship of students who excel while parents have ability to pay as well as the pouring into the economy money in form of supplementary budget finance are all reasons why the currency depreciates and fixed wage earners get a raw deal to which Government keeps postponing solution.
If Uganda Government leaders are seriously having the plight of the people they should get sense and cut areas on which money is spent recklessly.  Time is ripe to have MPs against population figures, as well as get the MPs for women, youth, the Army, workers out of Parliament.  The Government has departments where all these categories are represented, there are few instances where private members bills get far, many bills come from Government, and it is to the respective Government departments that these categories should address.
If NRM is interested in remaining in power longer, they need to get sense into what they are doing.  The mismanaging of manpower so that at the end of the day the manpower fends for itself, be it stealing drugs, etc will not enhance development for the country.  

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