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Brothers, gentlemen and fellow OBs! I think most of you have read in the press the very highly shocking news : the death of our fellow OB, the famous Dr Joseph Galiwango who was found dead in his country home house in Wakiso. Dr Galiwango has for most of the time lived in Ontario Canada where he practiced as a leading paediatrician appreciated by all.Dr Galiwango was an eminent member of Mugwanya House and was an academic giant! He belonged to that very prestigious academic year which in 1964 did marvels in the Cambridge O-Level exams, and this was the fateful road accident year which cost us the 12 great students. In the exams Dr Galiwango got 11 points and was one of the three students who came second to scientsist John Nazareth (Canada) who scored aggregate 9. That same year had, among the very many others, Katikkiro Hon J.B.Walusimbi, Hon J.B. Kawanga of Masaka, Hon Leonard Lubowa ( ex-Mayor of Kla), Prof E. K. Mbidde, Dr G.H. Kkolokolo etc..( as I'm expected to give more detail on them later). In the A-Levels Dr Galiwango was tops in his PCB combination in Uganda, garnering a solid 1BAA3 and Cambridge awarded him with a scholarship to study Medicine in UK. He won good degrees there and became Member of the Royal College of Physicians. He was recruited there and eventually in Canada where he stayed for many years before retiring to Uganda. Dr Galiwango was a very friendly person and had a very high opinion of the Brothers and fellow OBs. Sincere condolences to the family, his wife and their four sons, and all relatives. Condolences as well to the Brothers who knew him so much and to all OBs who now lose a real pillar of their community. May the Good Lord bless his humble soul in His heavenly glory.
Dr G.H. Kkolokolo ( Paris / France )


 It is quite sad the loss of one of the most brilliant students St Mary's has

ever groomed. The little I know about him was that he was the best at

his HSC in the mid 60's( PC😎😎He did so well he earned himself a scholarship to study
Medicine in Glasgow from where he trans located to Canada. I am told, but I
have never seen him, that he was soft spoken and reserved. Also that he had

come back to follow up  on his developments in Kampala.
May his soul rest in eternal peace!

Dr. Lawrence Kaggwa

'His contribution to medicine is beyond just the practice of pediatrics'
CBC News Posted: Jun 12, 2016 5:12 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 13, 2016 10:35 AM ET
A former Windsor, Ont., doctor, Joe Galiwango, was found dead in his home in Uganda on June 9. The Uganda Police Force confirmed to CBC News late Sunday that it's investigating how Galiwango died.
Dr. Galiwango was a well-respected pediatrician who practiced for more than 30 years in Windsor before retiring in Uganda.
He co-founded the former neonatal intensive care unit at Grace Hospital in Windsor, and he was also instrumental in helping with the W.E. Care for Kids campaign fundraising, which supports local pediatric health care.
"His contribution to medicine is beyond just the practice of pediatrics," said Dr. Gary Ing, who first met Galiwango as a medical student. "He certainly added to the overall being of the children in our community."
His death came as a surprise to many who knew him well, including Frank Kigozi who was a long-time friend of Galiwango.
"I was very heartbroken," said Kigozi, "He was really a good good man."
Kigozi met Galiwango in 1993 when he moved to Windsor from Uganda. He credits Galiwango for helping him to become more familiar with Canada.
"He encouraged us to take up English because that's the only way we could survive here," said Kigozi. "I am still shocked about his passing. He was a nice guy and a role model to me."
Dr. Ing also says the medical field and those who knew Galiwango are grieving. "He's well-liked by both his colleagues and the patients and their families," said Ing.

Former Windsor pediatrician reported dead in Ugandan home

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