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 Wedding day
It was the wedding of His Majesty the King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II which took place at St. Paul Cathedral, Namirembe on August 27, 1999.
This was billed Uganda's wedding of the millennium and by then the King was 45 years old.
Unlike political leaders in Uganda, the King commands respect from his subjects in a traditional cultural setting and he is so much loved by the people to the extent that normally a month to his visit of any place within his Buganda kingdom, preparations are started. And the people are always very jolly to see him in public.
On the occasion of the wedding, Maj. Richard Carr Gomm, king Mutebi's childhood guardian brought best wishes from Queen Elizabeth and also from Mutebi's godparents Capt. Ronnie and Mrs Owen.
News that the King was to marry became public knowledge on February 18 when the Buganda Katikiiro (Prime minister) made the announcement.

By David Kibirige & Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda - The Monitor News Paper - Source: http://www.uganda.co.ug/buganda/wed_gown.htm
Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, got donations worth more than Shs 1 billion for the August 27 royal wedding.
Mutebi exchanged matrimonial vows with Sylvia Nagginda Luswata at St. Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe before hosting thousands to a grand reception in Lubiri.
The chairman of the wedding finance sub-committee, James Mulwana, yesterday briefed journalists about the donations and how the money was spent.
Mulwana who was flanked by Prince Kassim Nakibinge and Mengo minister of Finance, J. B. Walusimbi plus several wedding sub-committee heads, told a news conference at Lugogo Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) boardroom, that on top of cash, other items were also received.
"In terms of cash contributions, we received a total of Shs 736 million and US $86,000 (Shs 126,420,000)," Mulwana said in a news write-up which was read to journalists by Mengo's minister of Information and Public Relations.
Mulwana said on top of cash donations, the mayor, John Ssebaana Kizito and Kampala City Council (KCC) contributed US $75,000 (Shs 110,250,000) for the repair of Kabakanjagala Drive and Lubiri Ring Road, ministry of Works also provided Shs 60m for roads around the Bulange.
Ministry of Finance contributed Shs 64m to pay the taxes on the Kabaka's vehicle, a Toyota Lexus which was imported from Japan.
Mulwana said that the vehicle cost US $65,000 (Shs 95,550,000) but denied it was imported to drive the royal couple. The cash contributions plus services valued in kind totaled Shs 1,106,844,750.
Mulwana also cited some of the various organizations that provided services; Uganda Electricity Board who provided a generator, electrical power connection to the Twekobe and street lights on Kabakanjagala Drive, National Water and Sewerage Corporation provided the water to the Lubiri, while Uganda Telcom Limited provided the telephone exchange for Kireka Palace.
Century Bottling Company donated 2,000 crates of soda, Nile Breweries 400 crates of beer, Uganda Breweries 100 crates of beer, Crown Beverages 500 crates of soda, Caltex 2,000 litres of fuel and the US Embassy, USAID plus BAT who provided tents for the reception.
Mulwana also gave a list of 427 major contributors who included President Yoweri Museveni and his family who donated Shs 10m and 10 heifers, Nile Breweries Shs 62.5m, Uganda Breweries Shs 60m and CelTel who gave Shs 40m.
Isabirye J. of Kenya-based Mugoya Construction and Mobile Telephone Network donated Shs 20m, parliamentarians gave Shs 19.5m, Bank of Uganda Shs 15m while Karmali Amirali (Mukwano), Madhvani Group, Mbire Charles, Sudhir Ruparelia, Sharma Mehta Group and Grand Imperial Hotel/Karim Hirji donated Shs 10m each.
Mulwana said out of the money contributed Shs 200m went to ROKO Construction as part payment towards the renovation of Twekobe.
"The estimated cost so far is Shs 500m of which we have paid Shs 200m. ROKO will be able to give us the final cost of the work when it is completed in about a month's time," he said; adding that 60% of the job is complete.
He said another Shs 230m was used to upgrade the Kireka Palace, the wedding reception cost Shs 160m, invitations, decorations and church cost Shs 20m while security and first aid cost Shs 16m.
He further said that video, photography, TV transmissions plus entertainment cost Shs 20m. Other items cost Shs 90m and US $21,000 (Shs 30,870,000).
Mulwana thanked all those who contributed, and asked Baganda and Mengo friends to continue contributing to allow Mengo complete the Twekobe.
He said more works like landscaping and fencing around the main building and constructing of other buildings, required to make the Lubiri a functional residence for the Kabaka and his family, call for more donations.
"We have discharged our responsibility well and as transparently as we could. We ask Ssabasajja Kabaka and all the people of Uganda to forgive us for those things which have not gone perfectly well. We apologise to those who have been inconvenienced in any way. We thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process," Mulwana added.

All the people of Buganda were invited to the reception which was at the Kings palace.
King Mutebi was born on 13th April 1955 at Mulago Hospital.
Mutesa body brought back to Uganda.
 Amin (RIP) meets Mutebi prior to burial of his father.
On April 4, 1971 when the body of his late father Sir Edward Mutesa II was brought back for burial is when he became head of the 52 clans which make Buganda.
Images of the coronation
 His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi on his throne.
The coronation as the 36th King of Buganda was on July 31st 1993 and this is celebrated yearly.
The map shows the boundary of his kingdom Buganda. 
That is the smart King of Buganda
 The Queen Lady Sylvia Naginda has a number of Projects under Nabagereka Foundation for betterment of the girl child and the women in particular.

The king is behind so many innovations which include:
1. Sporting activities in the kingdom,
2. Poverty alleviation programs,
3. Communication to his subjects and news media through a radio and television,
4. Programs to boost better health of the people,
5. Bursary to needy children from within Uganda to mention some

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