Monday, 6 June 2016


Hon. Erias Lukwago is to be sworn in on Monday, June 6 2016. It is well known that he was forced out of office over conflicting circumstances. Though the people of Kampala did not get his services for over two years, they decided to overwhelmingly vote him back to office.
It will be wise for the Lord Mayor to concentrate on service to the people instead of getting involved in struggles with the state which in many instances demean him. You imagine one is Lord Mayor but at any moment in time Police can decide to keep him at his home without allowing him out. This image can be avoided.

Hon. Erias Lukwago the Lord Mayor.
Hopefully the Lord Mayor will this time settle in office to serve those who elected him.
Secondly, it is wrong to take the Executive Director as a person who does wrong with tax payer resources. If there are issues, let them be properly handled and not resort always to the press because Lukwago himself is also human and cannot be holy. In instances where Lukwago believes that funds may have been misappropriated, he still needs to go slow before pointing accusing fingers as we are reliably told that in some of these instances there is 'power from above'.

There is a lot of political capital the likes of Lukwago get because of press coverage, unfortunately, that does not deliver good services to the people.

The issue of the deputy Lord Mayor hopefully will go to a woman in line with gender balance which is the order of the day.

We also have seen disagreements between the elected representatives and the technical people. Even in this area before matters become so much for public consumption, effort should be made to get to some understanding. It is true, elected leaders at times fail in policy implementation simply because of thinking about losing votes as compared to delivering what is best given the development needs of these areas.
MADAM Jennifer Musisi in the eyes of a number of people has delivered. Even if she were to leave the job, another opportunity could be waiting even at the level of some international job as she has delivered where many mostly the politicians would see as a none go area for which she has been credited as well as awarded.

Lord Mayor is coming when there are big projects like the clock tower modification which calls for cooperation between the politicians and the technical team.

Some of the problems of Kampala City which call for cooperation of the parties if they are to be overcome.

It will be most unfortunate if the Lord Mayor remains in battle og the IGP's men.

The Police spokesperson will always be ready to defend police action against the Lord Mayor.

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