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I met Peter Ssebanakitta in High School when I joined St. Mary's College Kisubi in 1974. He was then the House Prefect Lourdel House.

The HSC Reading Block where Ssebanakitta was in 1974.

As young boys we used to admire the likes of Ssebanakitta. He was offering PCM and one could see from the way Ssebanakitta walked that he was confident and smart.

Works Permanent Secretary Charles Muganzi said that Engineer Ssebanakitta leaves behind a track record of success, resilience, and ability. He further said, I have worked with Ssebanakitta, against him and for him and seen him grow through the ranks to become UNRA's first Chief Executive who served a challenging and scintillating term. He is an emotionally intelligent individual with attributes of success.

Engineer Ssebanakitta is an example of how to rise in career positions by sheer dedication and hard work; get your promotions naturally without undermining others, said Hon. Byandala.

Charles Muganzi the P.S. Min. of Works said that Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta is a good communicator, an amiable personality, he is highly receptive, diplomatic and responsive to challenges. Muganzi hailed Ssebanakitta further, "You have built an organization that has a remarkable stature and the biggest budget in the country; an organization that builds physical structures which will for very long remain mementos of performance; his positives outweigh the negatives in him.

In a tribute to UNRA's first Executive Director Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta, Dan Alinange of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) said, "Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta officially retired at the end of March 2013. He had served the road sector for over 30 years, starting in 1981 as a Pupil Engineer in the Ministry of Works and Transport and rising to the rank of Commissioner for roads.

Present to Engineer Ssebanakitta on retirement.

As Commissioner for roads he managed all national roads development and maintenance activities, and developed and coordinated policy for the district, urban and community access roads network countrywide.

Peter appreciated.

He joined the Road Agency Formation Unit (RAFU), as Maintenance Division Manager, responsible for managing all upgrading and rehabilitation projects on the national roads network.

Engineer Dr. Wana Etyem thanked Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta for a job well - done, never having brought any shame to UNRA, the Engineering fraternity and the country and had made his associates very proud of him.

The highlight of his career is the UNRA's first Executive Director appointment in 2007. He was tasked with establishing the Roads Authority for 10,000 km national road network that was in poor state. Engineer Ssebanakitta was expected simultaneously to operationalize UNRA and deliver new roads, the task for which there was no better person to shoulder was compounded by a sudden increased road sector budget.

Hon. Byabagambi

Hon. Byabagambi congratulated Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta for successfully serving his term, "You have gone a clean man - You decided to go and we have let you and wish you the best wherever you are going. I saw the birth of UNRA, have seen it grow and without mincing words, Ssebanakitta has played a big role - he started the institution, nurtured it and brought it to a formidable stature.

The P.S. Works with Ssebanakitta'a mother

Engineer Michael Odong

"Engineer Peter Ssebanakitta's decision to leave UNRA has stemmed from a conviction to keep his name without blemish - there comes a time when billions of shillings and glory cannot measure to your name and honour", said Engineer Michael Odong.

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  1. Eng. Sebanakita. Dr.Alex Khotino, Dr.Kaddu, Eng. Paul Nalika, Mayanja -Eficasy Dr David Toll Dr. Semambo, Charles Mbiire..Those guys at St. Mary's were made from a different material.!!!! Freddie Mpanga (Laudel)