Monday, 25 April 2016


In May this year, the son of Kaguta will go to Kololo grounds to again get instruments of power for yet another five years on completion of which he will have ruled Uganda for 35 years, the equivalent of 7 terms in office, in a country where majority of the people are for 2 consecutive terms!
One thing which many Ugandans are fed up with is the corruption which is better taken as the official way of doing business such that even in instances where it is Government doing the procurement, the rules are not observed and it is only reported how things went wrong.
The unfortunate thing is that Museveni many times does not take advice. What he wishes to do is what prevails.
You can imagine the number of youth longing for employment. Museveni's administration has put the country in so desperate a situation such that many youth now long to leave the country at least to get some work. The projection is such that with his level of tiredness, it will be a miracle to steer the country to any greater heights.
Museveni's priority to militarize is again going to eat into the national budget and other more economy driving sectors are to be given peanuts.
We are again going to see the NRM Parliamentary Caucus not delivering brcsiit dances to the tune of one man and his wishes yet they are among the most highly paid in the country.
We are again going to see the Auditor General's office which waits for funds to be spent the wrong way (stolen) and it comes to report, instead of intervening before the expenditures are made.
We are again going to see peanuts put into the Agricultural sector where majority of the people are found and the highest concentration of poverty.
We are going to see Ministers in place whose duties are actually performed in State House.
We are going to see a Parliament where two fifth of the Members have no sits.
We are going to see a civil service devoid of morale.
We are to see more power generated without capacity to afford it later on be able to use it in industrial undertakings simply because it is very expensive.
We are to see the continuation of Government sponsorship of the so - called excelling students many of whom are a product of cheating to pass national exams, while majority have benefactors who can afford to pay.
A health service with so much donor support yet with workers the least motivated in East Africa.
Remember, many have supplied Government, but what awaits them is the auctioning of the security they used to get money from financial institutions, yet a good number of others have lost properties because Government failed to pay in time.
And so on

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