Thursday, 14 April 2016


If I were to get the equivalent of my grand son to St. Mary's College Kisubi today, it would be like we went to different schools. True, our time in the 1970's the school used to abbreviated as (SMC). It was later found that a number of schools locally had been baptized St. Mary's. That is when a change was made to SMACK.
Our time, the school had no fencing. People going to Kisubi Hospital were having a shortcut through the school. We would go down to Savio school to get postal services as well as buy eats. This time round, the school has two equivalents of Supermarkets where you can buy whatever you need.
While sick or not sick, students had opportunity to go to Entebbe Grade UK Hospital every Wednesday. The passport to get on to the school bus was a medical form 5 from the school nurse. That time there was nothing like having no drugs at the hospital. One did not need a relative in case he was admitted. The Hospital had the meals and the care a patient needed.

It was the norm leaving school to go to Nabinonya to swim on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, my grand son has to be confined to the swimming pool.

My grand son would miss the Headmaster Uganda has known: Reverend Brother Anthony Kyemwa. This man managed boys without need of any teacher. At prep time, he would move through all our dormitories and students would just move to where they were required to be. He would supervise the switching off of lights after preps in classes as well as ensure that we wake up early in the morning.
We used to move out on weekends. What was important is to be around for the prep before supper.
Those days we had the Skylarks band. The boys were good. They would pray music during games time and on weekends and the campus was so lovely.

We had the Culture where we saw Makerere University as the continuation of St. Mary's College Kisubi, so, for us, it was a RIGHT to continue to Makerere University, however, we backed this up by real reading.

The Headmaster Uganda has known : Brother Kyemwa.

Kyemwa and staff.

Kyemwa the Sportsman.

The green environment which is part of the school beauty.

The Centennial infrastructure marking 100 years of the school - 2006.
One thing which can unit me and my grand son is that after SMACK, all are OBs and they respect each other. In the photo are SMACK OBs who left the school at different times.

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