Thursday, 28 April 2016


I recall in 2014 October I cautioned the people of Uganda, more so the major political players that there was need to get to a consensus and agree to support one Presidential candidate who was no party leader. What I eventually saw was the evolution of the Democratic Alliance and the thing was a flop.
The failure to support one candidate was sorted by the voters who identified Dr. Kizza Besigye as the change candidate.
Whether Besigye got more votes than Museveni is a matter of speculation because the reason why we were for unity was to see that all these issues are addressed. I believe if that unity and cooperation was there, at the end of polling, the declaration forms would readily be available and the tallying would give us the actual position.
Dr. Besigye first contested in 2001, by 2021, it will be 20 years. This period is so long for a country to keep backing a candidate. I am writing this at a time when I see no chance of blocking Museveni's swearing in this May.
As a country we need to go to the drawing board. We realize that Museveni has all the Government organs at his disposal which is termed as the state fused with the party. It is simply joking to imagine that an individual or a single party can un - sit him. The financial resources he spends end with desperate people, so you expect those expenditures to pay off.
The way forward is to think of a joint strategy to implement after the Besigye one has failed to pay off.
I still propose that all those opposed to Museveni organize nation wide and agree on a method to come up with a clean personality who does not need to be a military man nor a President of the party. Such a one can be publicized so that through the 5 year period, people know the person to vote President come 2021.
Presidential candidates come promising heaven and earth but they normally have nothing to show as their effort prior to standing for President. Those opposed to Museveni ought to see this important so that they start early to deliver various services to the people.
When such an arrangement works out, you can trust that people will go United as one front to see NRM go, and you can expect good coordination in advance to see that at each polling station things are done right and result declaration forms duly filled and signed with copies to the secretariat of the joint opposition. Such arrangement can equally ensure that in case of cheating, the evidence is well coordinated because everything shall have been planned over a period of 5 years.

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