Monday, 3 February 2014


I am interested in debate to help the youth get work in Buganda.  There is the assumption that many youth can be able to create own jobs.  This si wrong.  As te people in authority in Buganda plan for the youth, they should focus on land.  Much of what the youth may be able to do should be based on land.  The question is: How many youth have the land talked about?  Many don’t have.  The strategy should be to get to know the youth who think they can do some work if they got land.  Once the statistics are established, part of the land under Buganda Land Board could be leased to these youth with some understanding on how they can service the lease.  With periodical payments, it should be possible to see the youth in productive agricultural work if they can be supervised. 

Secondly, the issue of Coffee needs serious address.  The Coffee is bought by people who reach the peasant farmers and pay peanuts to them.  Given the desperateness of these peasants, they are grateful when they get some pay. I was in Ssisa Sub – county and some fellow was buying Coffee in basins!  No weighing at all!
I wish to request those in authority in Buganda Government to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy for this Coffee which should focus on quality and reasonable prices to the farmers.  I am of the opinion that a Buganda Coffee Marketing Board can be put in place with infrastructure going up to the Sub – counties.  The farmers badly handle the Coffee which leads to low prices in markets.  Why can’t we get collecting centres where Coffee is taken shortly after it is got from the gardens so as to better manage the quality? 

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