Friday, 7 February 2014


 Leading the group is Late Besuel Kiwanuka

Our grandfather
How lovely you were
So wonderful and
So kind of you

You were there
In good and bad times
You really groomed us
So well

All the image in which
We are
It is just because of you
I can never forget you

Many say
Out of sight is out of mind
But here it is different
You are the first memory
In my mind

It is so difficult
For me to forget you
You carried me in your hands
You told me stories and fairy tales
How wonderful you were

In my conclusion
I say that you are there in our hearts
We can never forget you
Wherever you are we know that God is with you
May God bless everybody you groomed
And we can not appreciate enough we as human

Only by praying for you
But God rewards everybody
Thank you so much
May you rest in eternal peace

By Mutungi Emmanuel

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