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Brother (Dr) Cosmas Kiwanuka Kafeero’s Speech on the occasion of his
Golden Jubilee as a Brother of Christian Instruction – 2nd January

Brethren, I stand firm today to thank the Almighty God in no mean
terms for the much fruitful life He has accorded me as a Brother of
Christian Instruction, and it is time to celebrate the 50 years today.
My name is Brother (Dr) Cosmas Kafeero, son of the Late Joseph
Kisanafutekizindwa Lwanga of Kabuwo Village: Bukunda - Ttala in
Masaka Diocese. I made my 1st Religious Commitment in 1963, I thank
God for He has not only helped me to get religious nourishment and
growth, but Has also guided me well through the various academic
ladders up to a Doctorate for which I thank Him so much. And, armed
with the spiritual guidance as well as the academic credentials, I
have been able to nurture many not only in the field of academics for
various achievements, but also in spiritual guidance.

Today is a special day. TODAY, LET US THANK GOD TOGETHER!
Thank you God; for giving me chance to become a better individual and
chance to give and experience love. Thank you God for giving me
health, for the food you provide, for the awareness you have awaken in
me... Thank you for the energy that feeds my soul, the sun that warms
our bodies and the air that fills our lungs... Because of you I
believe in the good without the bad and the ugly, because of you. I
need you in order to fulfill my spiritual tasks... God, show me how to
love myself, to be able to love others. Help me become the type of
person that I would like to befriend, help me forgive those who may
have wronged me... God, make me a channel of your energy and help me
understand. I thank you God for giving me another day. Keep us all
close to you and listen to our prayers. Amen.

In thanking God, I wish to refer to the Scriptures below:
1. “We serve a God who keeps His promises... every single time.
But how do you make it through the gap between receiving the promise
and the promise being fulfilled? How do you keep the faith?” – Luke 1:
46 – 79
2. “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures
forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34.
3. “I will give thanks to the LORD because of His righteousness
and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalm 7: 17
4. “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in
him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to
him in song.” Psalm 28: 7
5. “Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his
love endures forever.” Psalm 106:1

What started as an inspiration of the St. Mary’s College Kisubi Cadet
Band Music, and the attraction I had to the Brothers of Christian
Instruction who I had interacted with got a positive response when
after my Primary 7, a Brother from St. Henry’s College Kitovu
approached me and made a call to me to join the institution of the
Brothers of Christian Instruction. I responded positively. I made a
visit to Kasasa, interacted with the Late Brother Majera Nsubuga. I
left my contact address, and after a short while, I was invited for an
interview at Kasasa; which I passed, hence I was admitted to the
institution of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

Regarding my studies, I joined St. Mary’s College Kisubi in 1960 –
1963 for Cambridge School Certificate which I passed. In 1964 – 1965
I was at Kasasa for Novitiate Theological Studies for the Brothers of
Christian Instruction. 1965 – 1966, I went back to St. Mary’s College
Kisubi for Cambridge Higher School Certificate. 1967 – 1970, I was at
the University of East Africa for a B. Sc degree. In 1979, I went to
Plattsburg University; New York, U.S.A for an M Sc and Diploma in
Education. From 1991 – 1994 I was a Research Student for PhD at
Makerere University.

I have had a number of appointments; in (1970 – 1972) I was at
Makerere University, Kampala as a Teaching Assistant Faulty of
Science. (1972 – 1983), I was posted to St. Mary’s College, Kisubi;
Teaching Biology and Mathematics was appointed Headmaster up to 1983
as well as Director of the Community. I was at Starehe Boys Centre,
Nairobi Kenya, Teaching Biology, Mathematics and Sports (1980 – 1988).
From 1988 to 1990, I was at St. Charles Lwanga Kasasa as Head Master
and Teacher of Mathematics. I was at St. Edward’s S.S Bukuumi
Teaching Mathematics (1990 – 1991). I was appointed Lecturer, then I
was promoted to Associate Professor at Makerere University (1991 –
2001). In 2001 to 2003, I was Lecturer at the Catholic University of
Eastern Africa, Nairobi - Kenya. I was Associate Professor at
Makerere University from 2003 – 2007.

Religious Brotherhood can be a way of life that will bring you deep
peace, real fulfillment, and great satisfaction in knowing that you
are closely following Christ. The work that a Brother does is largely
dependent on his own talents, gifts, and interests. The spirit of
faith induces a Brother to see God in all things, to suffer everything
for God, and above all to sanctify himself. The spirit of zeal
attracts him towards children to instruct them in the truths of
religion and penetrate their hearts with the maxims of the Gospel, so
that they may make it the rule of their conduct.

“Aging is a challenge to an adult. In my case, the health problem
which is hypertensive; was very difficult to identify as an
individual. So I could not identify that condition until I suffered a
devastating stroke. In this condition, speech failed and even other
skills could not be exercised.” I thank God that through sickness, He
has enabled me to endure, and I keep thanking him for the life He has
given me, and the abilities for my life career. To all who have made
sacrifices to see me through my sickness and for all the prayers, I am
most grateful. I am very grateful to the institution of the Brothers
of Christian Instruction, and to the members of St. Mary’s College
Kisubi Community.

In life we make mistakes, I wish to say sorry to anybody I may have
wronged in my career life as a Brother and also as a teacher. Please
forgive me.

I pledge to serve the Lord our creator for all my remaining days in
life. So, help me God.

Mikhail Kalashnikov is dead

Mikhail Kalashnikov, whose name will forever be connected to one of the world's most popular and deadly weapons, has died.  

The 94-year-old inventor of the AK-47 rifle died Monday, December 23, 2013 at a hospital in the Udmurt republic.  He had been "suffering from heart-related problems in recent years [and] had been in intensive care in Izhevsk." 

Kalashnikov had designed the gun only for the protection of his fatherland, and that it was the fault of politicians if the weapon was misused.

The AK-47 was designed in 1945 and was "the first gun to bridge the gap between submachine guns and long, heavy rifles. It was a simple, reliable, lightweight weapon that almost anyone could use. And once it was put into mass production, it was available to almost everyone."