Monday 27 January 2014


RIP: Anthony Kanyike
Ugandans on Monday woke up to news of the death of the former Buikwe West MP Anthony Kanyike, who ardently advocated for the development of the agricultural sector.
Kanyike was well regarded in Parliament, according to those who worked with him.
“This is a great loss to the nation,” said Agriculture Minister Tress Bucyanayandi.
Allan Kanyike, one of former MP’s sons, described his father’s death as devastating.

“He was a great caring father who will be greatly missed by the family,” Allan told The Observer today.

Born 71 years ago in what is today Buikwe district, Anthony Kanyike was a trained agriculturalist. Before joining Parliament, he worked in the ministry of Agriculture immediately after university. He also worked as managing director for Total-Uganda and Mitchell Courts as well as a human resource manager for Uganda Sugar Corporation Limited.

“I was a senior person in the ministry of Agriculture by the time Kanyike joined and what I can exactly remember is that he believed in teamwork and this is what whoever had a chance to work with him will tell you. In my capacity in the ministry he did not supervise me but those who worked with him used to bring this to our attention,” said Bucyanayandi, who has served the ministry since 1962.

Bucyanayandi said Kanyike’s death was a great loss to the agricultural sector because he had been a keen advocate for increased funding for the limping sector. In Buikwe, Kanyike was famous for sensitizing farmers about good farming methods to improve productivity.
“He was not only a trained agriculturalist but a farmer who got trained and became an agriculturalist, and … when he was working with the ministry of Agriculture, he would lobby for farm equipments for his people,” says Baker Ssali, the current MP for Buikwe West.

Kanyike’s continuous interaction with farmers in Buikwe endeared him to many in the area, culminating in his election to Parliament.

Life in politics

Kanyike first represented Buikwe West in the Constituent Assembly in 1994. But it was not until the Sixth and Seventh Parliaments that he rose to prominence.
“I worked with him during the ten years he served in Parliament and I remember him as one of the best backbenchers, who used to guide the House on matters of agriculture,” said Bunyole East MP Emmanuel Dombo.

Dombo’s account is echoed by Bufumbira East MP Eddie Kwizera, who remembers Kanyike as an honest and transparent person. In Parliament, Kanyike worked as vice chairperson and chairperson of the committee on Agriculture, which authored many authoritative reports about the sector.

“During his leadership, I remember that the budget to the agriculture sector was increased from 1.3 per cent to close to 4.5 per cent,” said Bugangaizi West MP Kasirivu Atwooki, a former chairperson of the committee.

Valley dams

In 1999, Kanyike chaired the select committee of Parliament that was set up to probe the construction of the dams and valley dams in the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. The committee authored a report that pinned the then Vice-President Specioza Wandira Kazibwe for the mismanagement of the valley dam project.

Kasirivu, a member of that committee, vividly remembers Kanyike’s contribution during the investigation: “He was steadfast, transparent and thorough during the investigation process and without doubt in my mind he played a very big role in the process besides being the chair,” he said.

While the committee report on the misappropriation of funds meant for the valley dam project was adopted by Parliament, the Executive did not implement its recommendations, which included holding the culprits accountable. However, in his submission of April 1,1999, Kanyike said: “The responsibility of the committee, Mr Speaker, was to make a report and recommendations to this House which it has done.

But, Mr Speaker, Government has now come out with a statement that they would like more time to consider the matter contained in the report and also the recommendations in the report. We have not been given the purpose for that request. This is an important matter which I think the House might want to consider...we have in our Constitution the separation of powers.

After this Parliament has considered the report, the Executive will have to take action if it is intended that Government takes action on the report and this recommendation after it has reviewed them.

I think for the purposes of unity, for the purposes of good governance, for the purposes of democracy and for the purposes of national unity, that is a request that this House should, I think, consider favourably -(Applause)-  because at the end of it all, ours are recommendations and a resolution that has to be implemented by the Executive. It is important that the work of Parliament and the work of the Executive complement each other and I think this is where I talk about good governance because we as Members of Parliament are also responsible to see that this country is run in good manner.”

In 2006, Kanyike was defeated by Norman Muwulize, who later lost the seat to Baker Ssali. Ssali told The Observer that his constituency and Buikwe as district will always remember Kanyike for the enormous contribution he made in the socio-economic and political transformation of the area.

“He will always be remembered as a father, husband and great son of the area who not only demanded what Buikwe did for him but lived to make a contribution to its growth and development,” Ssali said.
Kanyike is survived by a wife Robinah Perusio Abooki Kanyike and children. Kanyike’s body will lie in state in Parliament today for a tribute session, ahead of his burial in Buikwe district on Friday.



Thursday 16 January 2014


Basil Paul Kiwanuka has been an Old Boy of St. Mary's College Kisubi, a former teacher at SMACK, a former President of the Old Boys' Association and a former Chairman of SMACK
70 years ago, Basil Paul Kiwanuka joined St. Mary's College Kisubi. He has played the game; kept the School flame burning till his death.
Refer to the 4th Stanza of St. Mary's College Kisubi School Anthem: Of St. Mary’s boys are we True to her we wish to be All is ours; her grief and glee Up and on! Our life here will wane away Without fear we gauge the way Always we will sing the lay Up and on!
Shortly after the 9.00pm news at CBS FM 88.8 FM on Saturday, 9 February 2013, I heard an announcement; it was that Basil Paul Kiwanuka formerly of UNEB and residing at Nalukolongo had died! I came to interact with Basil Paul Kiwanuka in 2006 as I worked on the SMACK Centenary Magazine as Editor. Brother Anthony Kyemwa (former Headmaster of SMACK) told me that a contribution to the Magazine by Basil was necessary given his roles for the School. I called at Kulika office - Nsambya where he had last worked and I was directed to his home at Nalukolongo. I had good time with him, and below I have his Biography as given to me by himself. I wish to thank God for the dedication for his former school, the Catholic Community and Uganda at large. Psalm 15:1-5 O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill? 2 He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart; 3 who does not slander with his tongue and does no evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against his friend; 4 in whose eyes a vile person is despised, but who honors those who fear the Lord; who swears to his own hurt and does not change; 5 who does not put out his money at interest and does not take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved. John 12:23-28 23 Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24 Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. 25 Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. 26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me. 27 “Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. 28 Father, glorify your name!”
Basil Paul Kiwanuka a SMACK Old Boy, a former Teacher, former President of the Old Boys’ Association and former Chairman SMACK Board of Governors. Basil Paul Kiwanuka has been an Old Boy of St. Mary’s College Kisubi. He was at the College from 1943 to 1945 for his Cambridge School Certificate (CSC), which was a three-year course then. He later got back to the College as a Graduate teacher in September 1958 when preparations were in high gear for the Higher School Certificate (HSC). During that time, he was Head of the Geography Department. He taught till end of 1960. On the staff at SMACK there were then three Ugandan lay graduate teachers that is Mr. J.C. Kiwanuka, Mr Mulindwa and himself. The rest were either Religious Brothers or lay expatriate teachers. They managed to prove to the expatriate teachers that they were equally capable and competitive. In 1960, Basil Kiwanuka was transferred to the Ministry of Education Headquarters as Assistant Examination Secretary. He was in June 1964 appointed the first African/Ugandan Chief Inspector of Schools in Uganda, after serving in various capacities as Senior Education Officer for Secondary Schools and Senior Education Officer/head of the Ministry of Education Planning Unit. In 1968, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania while under the East African Community (EAC) decided to set up an Examination’s Body for the region that is the East African Examination Council (EAEC). Basil was appointed its first Secretary. Though the East African Community broke up in 1977, the Examination’s Body remained up to the end of 1980 when each of the member countries decided to set up own Examination’s Body, and in 1981, Uganda National Examination’s Board (UNEB) was set up, and Mr Basil Kiwanuka was appointed its Secretary. He served up to 1982 when he retired. He then joined the Uganda Catholic Secretariat at Nsambya where he served as Secretary for Education up to 1999. During this period he also served on several Boards/Councils of Schools and Colleges, including Kyambogo ITEK/University as Chairman, National Teachers College as Chairman, St. Mary’s College Kisubi, St. Henry’s College Kitovu. Asked about the academic excellence at SMACK, Kiwanuka said, “The College has been having outstanding performance at National Examinations because it gets the cream of the nation, that is, very brilliant students on admission. Secondly, both the hard work of the teachers and students are major factors for the maintenance of high academic standards. The combination of all these create the College Culture of hard work at academics.” Basil was Vice Chairman of SMACK Board of Governors from 1983 and took on the Chair in 1992 after the death of Prof. Kyalwazi. About the challenges when on the School Board of Governors, and eventually Chairman of the Board, Kiwanuka said, “They encountered political, financial as well as disciplinary challenges.” While retired Basil remained an active member of St. Mary’s Old Boy’s Association. Nearer, My God, to Thee Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! E'en though it be a cross that raiseth me, still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to thee; nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down, darkness be over me, my rest a stone; yet in my dreams I'd be nearer, my God, to thee; nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! Direction to the residence from Nalukolongo At Lubaga Cathedral for the Requiem Mass The Editor wishes the Late Basil Paul Kiwanuka eternal Peace. Amen. William Kituuka Kiwanuka

Tuesday 14 January 2014


Fixing new dates for 1st term is tricky.  The option UNEB has is to recruit more teachers to see that marking exams can be completed in the available time.

William Kituuka

UNEB wants holidays extended
Publish Date: Jan 12, 2014
UNEB wants holidays extended
Students of Senior Six at Kyambogo College sit for A' Level exams.
By Charles Etukuri 
UGANDA National Examination Board (UNEB) is asking for an extension of the school holidays to allow them complete the marking of exams and also allow parents adequately prepare for the reporting of S1 and S5 students.
A statement released on Friday evening states that the examination body would on Monday formally request the Ministry of Education and Sports to review the date for the opening of first term to a date beyond February 4, 2014.
UNEB says the move would help avoid inconveniencing the schools which are hosting the marking exercise and also allow enough time to prepare for the selection exercises for S1 and S5 students.
It further says that the move would reduce the pressure that may be exerted on the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examiners due to the tight time lines that have been set and also enable examiners from private schools to participate in the exercise.
Last week, the examination body suspended marking of the 2013 UACE exams, which was supposed to start on January 2, 2014, while examiners who marked 2013 PLE and UCE examinations left without being paid due to inadequacy of funding from the Government.
However, the body announced that the Government had remitted the funds.
“On Thursday January 9, 2014 at around 6:00pm, sh5.2b reached the UNEB bank account. This money will be sufficient to clear all outstanding balances on PLE and UCE marking exercise and also push us a long way on marking UACE exams. The marking fees for all PLE examiners have been processed and should be on their bank accounts in due course,” reads the statement.
The examination body said they had lost three weeks as a result of delayed remittance of the funds.
“Consequently, we note that some examiners, especially those from private schools, may see our UACE marking programme as not convenient because those schools tend to open earlier than the official opening date of the term. This is likely to affect the turnup and prolong the marking exercise,” the statement said.
UNEB also said all other outstanding payments related to PLE and UCE exams, which are due to examiners, marking centres and other suppliers, were being processed.
Marking of UACE exams starts on Monday and UNEB expects to receive another sh1.3b next week, which, in addition to the sh5.3b, will be sufficient to cover all expenses related to marking PLE, UCE and UACE exams for 2013.
The body hopes to release the PLE results by January 30, 2014, while UCE would be released in the third week of February, followed by UACE results.

Thursday 9 January 2014


5th January, 2014 was big feast at what was previously known as Bweya Children's Home, but currently, Children Safe Uganda (CSU).  The Founder of the place, Mr. Christopher Mukasa, through whose hands many children have been bailed, celebrated with a number of now mature men and women whom he helped to bring up in the Children's Home.  In  November 2009, Mrs Irene Mukasa passed on, and since then, Mr. Mukasa has pushed on, and he is now 80 years.  

Vehicles packed in the compound in-front of Christopher Mukasa's residence.

The Jjanyi Choir which added flavour to the function.

Some of the children at the Home.

The Birthday cakes.

Mr. Mukasa's smile (in suit). 

The Birthday cake being cut

The priest who officiated at the function.

A group photograph showing some of the people present at the function. 

Tuesday 7 January 2014


Brother John Ssenkabirwa has been appointed Head teacher of St. Mary's College Kisubi.  Ssenkabirwa by the time of appointment was Head teacher at Caltec Academy.

Having been in office as Head teacher since 1998, Brother Edward Bukenya has been longest in that office (15 years).  He has been transferred to Bukuumi as Head teacher.

Brother Ssenkabirwa faces a number of challenges as Head teacher at SMACK.  These include:

1. To try and see the Old Boys of the school united for the purpose of development of the school;
2. To see many more boys from Savio School join SMACK - at least 20 per year;
3. To try and see SMACK regain its former status as a Sports power;
4. To revive the school band - Skylarks;
5. To maintain academic excellence.

Below photo images involving Brother Bukenya and his achievements over the 15 years.

Nile Breweries Sponsored Students

Swimming Pool Opened

Swimming Pool Opened

MTN Sponsoring Events at School

Sports Day at SMACK

Residences for Support Staff

New Dinning Hall

German Language Classroom

Below the HSC Dormitory

Sunday 5 January 2014

President Museveni’s 100 advisors

Apollo Nsibambi (L) is one of Museveni's Senior Advisors
Top-tier presidential advisors whose number grew to 100 last year, can earn Shs 2.6m to Shs 3m a month for advising on such mundane things as a village, a parish, a diocese or valley dams, a review of their jobs docket shows.

Some of the advisors on the list have no job description while others are performing duplicate roles.
The list of President Museveni’s advisors and assistants grew from 82 in 2012 to more than 100 in 2013 with the appointment of Alison Byamukama last October as an advisor on the western district of Buhweju.
She got the job after pulling out of the Buhweju Woman MP by-election in favour of NRM’s Oliver Koyekyenga at the urging of the president.
Shortly before Byamukama’s appointment, the minister for the Presidency, Frank Tumwebaze, had tabled before Parliament a list of 99 presidential advisors and assistants whose annual wage bill is more than Shs 2.7bn, excluding other entitlements such as a vehicle, a driver, armed escort and an office.
The list reveals some eye-catching facts. Jenipher Twebaze Musooke, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s in Literature as well as a certificate in film production, is Museveni’s advisor on the affairs of Ruharo, a model ward located in Bushenyi-Ishaka municipality.

John Bituguramye, who holds a primary school teaching certificate, earns an extra Shs 100,000 to advise the president on the affairs of Kigezi diocese. Ignatius Begumisa Katetegwire, an advisor on valley dams and veterinary services, is paid Shs 2.23m a month to do the same work as former minister for the Presidency Beatrice Wabudeya, Dr Samuel Byagagaire and Dr John Rick Akeny (all advisors on veterinary services).
Former Prime Minister Kintu Musoke leads the pack of Museveni’s 26 advisors on political affairs. Others include NRM’s deputy Electoral Commission chairman Dr Elijah Dickens Mushemeza. Besides John Nagenda, a senior presidential advisor on the media and public relations, the president gets advice on the same issue from Lawrence Laury Ocen and Sarah Kagingo.
The president also has two advisors on cultural affairs besides retaining cultural advisors on different regions. For instance, he has two advisors on Buganda Affairs, an advisor on Acholi, Lango, Rwenzori, Western, and South Western.
The retired bishop of Ankole diocese, Dr George Tibeesigwa, advises the president on the south-western region.

Vague roles

After he lost his re-election bid for the Rakai district chair, Vincent Semakula Ssettuba, lobbied the president for a job, and when it finally came, he had been appointed a presidential advisor on former district chairpersons in Buganda region.
However, Semakula wasn’t confirmed in the job until last July when he received his first salary. Surprisingly, he does not know his specific roles and duty station to date.
Semakula and former minister Isaac Musumba appear on the list as senior presidential advisors. They are part of a group of seven senior presidential advisors for special duties.
The others are, former German Ambassador to Uganda Klaus Holderbaum (who is the highest paid at Shs 7m), former Obote II Security minister Chris Rwakasisi, Gertrude Njuba, Dorothy Samali and Amos Amis Makumbi.

“I have previously questioned the authenticity of those advisors. Some of them are illegally occupying those positions because by virtue of their appointment, they are civil servants who should not take part in partisan politics,” says Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, shadow minister for the Presidency and Anti-corruption.
However, according to Attorney General Peter Nyombi, the president is given vast powers in the Constitution to appoint people with whom to run the government.
“Besides the cabinet, the Constitution gives the president a lot of powers to appoint people with whom he can run the government. It does not give the specifics of their qualities,” Nyombi said in an interview on Saturday.
But Mpuuga argues that the president has abused this mandate. He said Museveni uses such appointments as an avenue to find employment for NRM cadres. It is noticeable that some of the advisors are political figures who fell out of favour with voters. Presumably, the president feels the need to give them a ‘retirement’ package.
“Yes, we understand the need to give something to eat to his henchmen but it is unacceptable for him to use public funds to satisfy his cadres,” Mpuuga said.
“There is a need for Parliament to come up with a mechanism to compel the president to have a limited number of advisors because every unemployed NRM cadre is likely to be appointed an advisor,” he added.

See full list of advisors

No.Name    PositionGross monthly salary (Shs)
1.Gertrude NjubaAss. S Pr  Advisor /Special Duties 2,279,439
2.Tom Kayongo Ass. Pres. Advisor/ Buganda Matters 2,271,165
3.Watuwa Ntaamo SAsst. Senior  Pres. Advisor /Political Affairs2,260,140
4.Winnie TwineDeputy Pres. Advisor /Markets2,271,165
5.Ignatius Begumisa KatetegwireDeputy Special Pres Asst/Valley Dams & Vet2,232,570
6.Margaret Nakidde K. SekyewaDeputy Spec Pr  Asst/Political Affairs 2,232,570
7.Christine MuhindoDeputy Spec Pr Asst Rwenzori Affairs     2,290,455
8.Hajati Anuna OmariDeputy Spec Pr Asst/Political Affairs 2,260,140
9.Sabila Salimo Deputy Spec Pr Asst/Political Affairs2,232,570
10.John Bituguramye Pres Advisor /Kigezi Diocese2,290,455
11.Maj Gen Joshua Masaba Presidential Advisor /Air Force Matters2,279,439
12.Princess Edith Bagaya Presidential Advisor /Cultural Issues 2,290,455
13.Prince David Alexander Simbwa Presidential  Advisor /Foreign Affairs 2,279,439
14.Godfrey Kazibwe Presidential Advisor /Luweero Triangle Matters2,279,439
15.Godfrey Kayongo NkajjaPresidential  Advisor /markets2,279,439
16.John Wekesa Wambogo Presidential Advisor  on Youth Affairs 2,290,455
17.Peterson Nyombi Nekemiya Presidential Advisor /Agricultural Matters 2,279,439
18.Prof. Timothy  Wangusa  Presidential Advisor /Literary2,279,439
19.Pharez Katamba Presidential Advisor /Luwero2,279,439
20.Elijah Mushemeza  Dickens Presidential Advisor /Political Affairs 2,600,000
21.Mary KawumaPresidential Advisor /Political Affairs  2,600,000
22.Dorothy Kiyimba Kisaka Presidential Advisor /Political Affairs 2,600,000
23.George  Sikubwabo Kyeyune Presidential Advisor /Political Affairs  2,290,455
24.Brig Kasirye Gwanga Presidential Advisor /Security Buganda Region 
25.Al Haji Sajabi Tezikuba Presidential Advisor /Trade & Commerce  2,279,439
26.Francis Mwebesa Presidential Advisor/Political Affairs 2,279,439
27.Yowasi Makaaru Senior Pres. Advisor/Legal Matters 2,279,439
28.Godfrey KiwanukaSenior Pres Advisor/decentralization 2,290,455
29.Karazarwe Wycliffe Senior  Pres Advisor /Local Govt2,290,455
30.Kigyagi Arimpa Senior  Pres. Advisor /Environment2,290,455
31.Moses Kizige     Senior Pres  Advisor /Foreign Affairs 2,290,455
32.Maj Roland Kakooza MutaleSenior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs 2,290,455
33.Yekoyada Nuwagaba Senior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs 2,279,439
34.Badru Wegulo Senior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs    2,290,455
35.Osinde WangwarSenior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs2,290,455
36.Prof  Edward B. RugumayoSenior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs2,600,000
37.Steven H. BamwangaSenior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs2,290,455
38.Amos Amis Makumbi Senior Pres  Advisor /Special Duties 2,290,455
39.Margaret Baryehuki Senior Pres Advisor /Political Affairs 2,290,455
40.Dr.Kamuhangire RwumoSenior Pres  Advisor /Cultural Affairs 2,290,455
41.Dorothy Nasolo Senior Pres  Advisor /Gen Duties2,290,455
42.Gerald SendaulaSenior pres /Financial Affairs2,290,455
43.John NagendaSenior Pres /Press & PR2,290,455
44.Apollo Nsibambi    Senior Pres Advisor 2,290,455
45.Dr John Joseph OtimSenior Pres Advisor /Agriculture2,290,439
46.Major Gen Ali KiizaSenior Pres Advisor /Air Force2,290,455
47.Dorah Kibende     Senior Pres Advisor /Anti- corruption2,600,000
48.Prof Tibamanya M. MushangaSenior Pres Advisor /Inter. Affairs 2,279,439
49.Maj Gen Joram Mugume Senior Pres Advisor /Military Affairs2,290,455
50.Richard Muhinda Senior Pres Advisor /Public Service 2,290,455
51.BP George TibeesigwaSenior Pres Advisor /S.West Region2,290,455
52.Robert Ssebunya    Senior Pres Advisor/Buganda Matters 2,290,455
53.Amb Arsene BalihutaSenior Pres Advisor/Public  Private Partnership 2,290,455
54.Dorothy Samali Senior Pres Advisor /special duties 2,600,000
55.Amb Tomusange  JSenior Pres Advisor 2,290,000
56.Vincent Ssemakula Senior Pres  Advisor 2,290,455
57.Gen David SejusaSenior Pres  Advisor /Coordinator ISO & ESO 2,290,455
58.Dr Jesse KagimbaSenior Pres  Advisor /HIV-AIDS2,290,455
59.Franco OjurSenior Pres  Advisor /Lango Region2,600,000
60.Kintu MusokeSenior Pres  Advisor /Political Affairs 2,290,455
61.Chris Rwakasisi Senior Pres  Advisor /Special Duties 2,290,455
62.Dr Beatrice Wabudeya Senior Pres  Advisor /Vet. Services2,600,000
63.John Emily Otekat Senior Pres  Advisor /Wildlife 2,290,455
64.Lawrence Laury Ocen Senior Pres  Advisor Media Mgt2,290,455
65.Tereza MbiireSenior Pres  Advisor/Cultural Matters 2,290,455
66.Prince Besweri Mulondo    Senior Pres  Advisor/Land Matter 2,290,455
67.Francis Bantinti Senior Pres Advisor /Political Affairs 2,290,455
68.Dr Specioza Wadira KazibweSenior Pres Advisor/Pop. Health 2,6000,000
69.Lillian Abalo Ongom Senior Pres/Acholi 2,290,000
70.Klaus  E.P HolderbaumSenior Pres/Special Duties 7,000,000
71.Isaac Musumba Senior Pres Advisor 2,290,000
72.Gen Caleb AkandwanahoSenior Pres Advisor /Defence2,600,000
73.Dr Ham Mulira MukasaSenior Pres Advisor (ICT)2,600,000
74.Dr Ezra Suruma SabiitiSenior Pres Advisor /Finance &Econ. Planning 2,600,000
75.Major Jacob AssimweSpecial Pres .Asst /NRM Civilian Veterans2,260,140
78.Jenipher Twebaze Musooke Special Pres .Asst /Ruharo Matters2,279,439
79.Stephen  Okuluma  Special Pres  Asst/Political Affairs 2,279,439
80.Nadduli Kibaale Special Pres .Asst/Political Affairs2,260,140
81.Betty NalimaSpecial Pres .Asst/Political Affairs2,260,140
82.Santa Oketta Special Pres .Asst/Political Mobilization 2,260,140
83.Mohammed Mayanja  Sadik Special Pres .Asst/RDC’s Office2,260,140
84.Sichon Nambale Bob Special Pres .Asst/Special Duties 2,260,140
85.Dr  John Rick Akeny Special Pres .Asst/Veterinary2,260,140
86.Emmanuel   Kafuniza Special Pres .Asst/western Region 2,260,140
87.Kakooza Mutale     Special Pres. Advisor/Political Affairs  2,260,140
88.Charles  Kwesiga Special Pres Asst /Political Affairs 2,260,140
89.Godfrey Mwijakubi Special Pres  Asst /Political Affairs2,260,140
90.Alex Kyawe KategaSpecial Pres  Asst/Political Affairs 2,260,140
91.Prof Lwanga Lunyiigo Special Pres  Asst/Research2,260,140
92.Henry Rwigyemera Special Pres  Asst/Security Matters 2,260,140
93.Resty Nakayenga KiguliSpecial Pres  Asst/ Underprivileged Youth 2,260,140
94.Dr Samuel Byagagaire Special Pres  Asst/Veterinary 2,260,140
95.Levi Okodi Macpio Special Pr Asst/Political Affairs Lango 2,260,140
96.Hajji Edrisa  SsedungaSpecial Presidential Advisor/Veterans2,260,140