Friday 2 June 2017


Christopher Loved the word of the Scripture Matthew 6:15 most.

 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.


  • He was born on 5th January 1934
  • Started his education at Kitende Church of Uganda Primary School 1941 - 1944 for P. 1 to P 4.
  • Went to Kayanja Namirembe Cathedral School for  P. 5 & P. 6 - 1945 to 1946
  • He was at Mityana Junior Secondary for Secondary One to three from 1951
  • In 1956 and 1957 he was with Survey Training School Nsamizi. 
Working Life

1957 He joined Uganda Bookshop
1957 He got saved
1957 - 1961 He was involved in selling newspapers and distributing book s to different shops.
1961 He was promoted to Branch Manager for Uganda Bookshop in Jinja.
1961 He resigned from Uganda Bookshop and became a free evangelist. 
1962 - 1964 He went to Germany for an Evangelistic Tour with Germans  - Preaching in              different Churches and schools.Countries they preached in included Switzerland,               France and England.
1964 - 1967 He was a Diocesan Youth Worker in Mbale. He used to go  back to the                       countries where he had been and done preaching. 
1964 On 12h September 1964 he got married to Irene.
1967 - 1968 Irene and Christopher went to Germany.  While Irene worked in a hospital as             a nurse, Christopher did preach.
1968 - Christopher and Irene Mukasa made an appeal to the brethren of East African Revival for support given the increasing burden of caring for the children as a family.  The appeal got positive response, and a Board of Trustees with a Management Committee was formed to take over ownership of the undertaking under Mission for Evangelism and Social Work (MESW). The components of MESW include:
             1. Evangelism
             2. Social Work (Bweya Children's Home)
             3. Medicare
             4. medical Services
             5. Community Based Healthcare.
1969 - Christopher met Alfred Finken in a Municipality in Dusseldorf.  With a Circle of his              friends who had already formed, Alfred began to prepare the financial support for            Bweya Children's Home (BCH).  In 1970, the association "Mision forEvangelism and              Social work Deutscher Zweig eV" was founded and Alfred travelled to Kenya and                Uganda forthe 1st time for 3 weeks. 
1968 - 1969 Back from Germany they stayed in Kavumba with Rev. Besweri Galiwango.
1969 - 1970 - They stayed in Mugongo with the Late Kusambiza's.
1969 Land at Bweya was bought and construction started - the current Bweya Children's             Home. 
1970 Children work started seriously at Bweya and registration was done. It is important            to note that the caring for children started in 1968 while at Kavumba with                        Peter Mukasa.  More children were recruited while at Mugongo (Isaaya,                              Milika, Semei, Apollo, and these were transferred to Bweya.
1973 - Alfred was sent for 3 years to support the construction at Bweya Children's Home.
2009 On 23rd November 2009, Irene Mukasa breathed her last.
2017  On 26th May 2017, Christopher Mukasa breathed his last at around 23.00hrs at                  Nsambya Hospital. He was buried on Monday, 29th May at 4.00pm at Bweya Children's        Home.  

Owol . Christopher Mukasa was one of the pillars of the East African Reawakened Revival Fellowship which has its headquarters at Kawempe Kirokole within Uganda. It is no surprise then that his send off on Monday was a heroes one as Reawakened Revival Fellowship members travelled from Kenya and Rwanda as well as from all regions of Uganda. It was no surprise that Bweya road had a traffic jam as a result of the many who turned up for burial.
The man of God who had the gift of preaching the word of God had a place infront of his residence where he used to 'kill' time as he watched the on - going activities at Bweya Children's Home. Many used to greet him from that place. He was last at that entrance to his house on Palm Sunday - 9th May 2017.
We shall surely miss his humility, love, story telling among the many things that characterized him.
I have shown Christopher Mukasa talking to his sister at the exact location where he used to spend his time while outside his residence.
There is a photo which gives the outlook of Late Mukasa's house.
And, there is one photo showing Church Ministers as they moved out of the house through the door next to where Christopher used to spend his day out of the house for the Funeral Service before he was put in his last resting place.


There was a Funeral Service for the Late Owol. Christopher Mukasa at Namirembe Cathedral Church of Uganda, Sunday, 28th May 2017. The Service was officiated by Bishop Ssekadde who told mourners how Christopher had greatly to his spiritual nourishment and actually greatly contributed to his Dissertation while at College which required assessing the East African Revival in Namirembe Diocese.
The Bishop got his Sermon reading from Revelation 3 : 11.
Many praised Christophers humour, his kindness to everybody and his missionary work.
The A - Plus vehicle that was having the coffin of the Late Christopher Mukasa  
Another A - Plus vehicle at the Cathedral

Mr. Kasule arrives at Namirembe Cathedral

The Chairperson Children Safe Uganda which has Bweya and Makukuba arrives at Namirembe.  

Outside Namirembe Cathedral before the Funeral Service. 

The wreath by Bweya Children's Home held by former children of the Home.

The coffin being got out of the vehicle.

Dr. and Mrs Kasozi were among the mourners who turned up for the Funeral Service of Christopher Mukasa. 

Members of the Reawakened East African Revival welcome the body of Christopher Mukasa

Christopher Mukasa"s body being taken for the Funeral Service at the Cathedral

Retired Bishop Ssekadde was the Main Celebrant and he preached during the Funeral Service where Owol. Christopher Mukasa's life was celebrated. 


The body in the sitting room before the last Funeral Service at Bweya.

Matooke for the mourners 

Food preparation

The Church Ministers who were at the burial

Christopher put to his last resting place.
Christopher Mukasa's residence.

Christopher Mukasa used to sit outside his residence on a daily basis and would see what was going on around.  In the picture he was with his elder sister who used to pay him visits.

On Palm Sunday within the morning hours, I checked on Christopher Mukasa outside his residence at a place he normally sat to have a view of the activities at Bweya Children's Home. This is the place many of us used to greet him and share a few things. That day I talked to 'Taata' ('Father') as I have been calling him. I must say that he was in such a condition that he could understand what I was talking to him about. Actually that day I called on him twice.
I was more than shocked when I learnt that on Monday of the Holy week at such a time that 'Taata' was normally brought out of the house in the wheel chair, he was like departing this world. An ambulance was brought to take him to hospital and he ended up admitted at Nsambya Hospital.
I was surprised to see a man who could be pushed in a wheel chair on daily basis to end up bed ridden without uttering a word from Saturday (Easter eve) to Tuesday 9th May when an ambulance was called to take him to Nsambya hospital. So, strictly speaking, I was one of the last people to talk to him while he was still able to answer back.
There are lessons we learn after seeing people close to us go through trying moments in slow death till they go through a very painful experience until they eventually breath their last.
There are a few things that seemed to disappoint 'Taata'. He was not happy to learn that we were keeping some information from him. It had been agreed that we do not inform him if anybody he happens to know died. Given the many people who called on him, it was normal for some visitor to inform him that someone had died and was already buried, yet we had kept this a secret. People in such state tend to get back to childhood expectations such that if they do not see you visit them frequently then they imagine that you do not have feelings for their situation, and this negatively impacts on their body resistance.
Christopher still had memory for certain things like names of people and events. He loved sharing. Someone would bring a cake for his consumption but he would end up calling people one by one to share the cake. One Sunday I did not call to greet him. On Monday when I went to greet him, he told me that he had reserved a cake for me but did not see me. There are instances when I could take three days without greeting him. On calling to greet him, he would tell me how he had not seen me the past three days.
This morning I went to check on Christopher's grave, and I proved that I was never to see him again. God relieved him of the pain he was going through. I thank God for the time I shared with Christopher. He was a friend indeed.