Thursday 4 December 2014



BORN: 29th March 1973 to the Late Prof. V. L. Ongom and Mrs Cecilia Ongom, the last born in the family
DIED: 21st November 2014 at Nakasero Hospital following a prolonged illness
1. Kampala Kindergarten
2. Kitante Primary School
3. St Marys College Kisubi (O & A Level)
4. Makerere University – MBCHB and MSc (Surgery)
5. He had began his research to obtain a PhD

Following his graduation from Makerere, he worked with;
1. Mbale Hospital
2. Atutur Hospital
3. Lira Hospital
4. Gulu University (Lecturer)
5. Makerere University (Lecturer in Dept of Surgery)

He has battled with liver complications from 2010 till mid 2014 when the team of his doctors recommended that he receive a liver transplant as a lasting solution to the prolonged illness.

He travelled to Chennai in India on the 12th of August 2014. The liver transplant was carried out on the 8th September at Apollo Hospital. The liver transplant was successfully completed after a 15 hour operation. He was up and about within a few days of surgery and was very determined to make a full recovery in the expected time. However, he later developed several setbacks, most of them associated with the outcomes of such a procedure. He was discharged from hospital two months later and looked on the path to recovery.

He was in and out of hospital for another month and was discharged on 17th November 2014 and returned to Uganda on 18th November.

He was weak and frail but his doctors assured us that he would make a full recovery especially considering the fact that being at home would better suit his dietary needs and the care of family too.

Among the procedures that would assist his recovery was dialysis to assist the renal (kidney) function to full capacity.

On Thursday 20th November, he lost appetite and developed difficulty in breathing and he was admitted in Nakasero Hospital.

He was attended to and after stabilization; he was cleared for another session of dialysis.

He was taken into the dialysis room at 2.30pm. At his side during this period were his mother, Elizabeth (sister), Godfrey and Charles (brothers). He still wore that look of determination that he has worn at through his illness.

During the dialysis, the Almighty called him from earthly existence.

The doctors failed in all attempts to resuscitate him. He breathed his last at 5.17pm on Friday 21st November.

We the Ongom family will always be grateful for the life of Peter our baby in the home.

We is immensely loved and will forever be in our memory.

We would like to especially thank all those who have stood by Peter during his illness.

Special mention to:
The Office of the Prime Minister
The Minister of Finance
The Secretary to the Treasury
The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University The Head of Department – Surgery Staff of Makerere University The Chaplaincy, St Josephs Church, Mulago We cannot forget to especially thank all who contributed financially and morally to enable him undergo the liver transplant and all associated treatment costs.

May the Almighty reward you abundantly


You are gone too soon my brother but who are we to question God. He has his own plans for each of us. We pray that you find peace and rest away from all the pain that you may have gone through. We ask God to strengthen your dear mum and your family during these trying times. Some of your colleagues were there to bid you farewell in Pakwach but a number who would have wanted to be there were unable to because of one reason or another. The medical fraternity mourns with your family but also celebrates your life, achievements and legacy. As many of these messages may not be passed on to the family, I have compiled a collection from the multiple emails that I would like to share.
Fee thee well my brother, you have indeed gone too soon!
Dr. Jane Achan – Class of 1992

It was with profound shock that we received the news of the passing on of our colleague and friend Dr. Peter Ongom.
Peter has been a hardworking surgeon who has carried out his work with passion, diligence, devotion and integrity.
His contribution will indeed be greatly missed by his colleagues, patients, students and the entire medical fraternity.
We shall continue to pray for his family that God gives them strength and comfort during this difficult time.
And may his soul rest in eternal peace.
Dr. Nathan Kenya-Mugisha, President- Uganda Medical Association

This is very sad and a great loss for the surgical fraternity and the nation at large. Dr. Peter Ongom has been a very skilled, very intelligent and extremely hardworking surgeon.
I first met him when we were doing MMed Surgery (2000 to 2003) and he excelled with distinctions in all the subjects from first year first semester to third year final exams. He had now just embarked on his PhD, following 11 years of dedicated services as a general Surgeon both up county and in Mulago National referral Hospital. He has been a brilliant lecturer very uniquely interested in passing on his wealth of knowledge and skills to his students that correctly saw and referred to junior colleagues, doctors in waiting.

Peter - PUMBA as we fondly referred to him had been at the prime of his age and so full of life, full of dreams; for his personal career, for the department of surgery (Makerere), the colorectal firm, the skills lab especially the laparoscopic training, and our small consultants office room.
Pumba, you have gone too soon when we all needed you the most. We will miss you but I guess the good Lord In his wisdom wanted you with him, NOW.
I am not sure I will be sending you off in person as I am currently out of the country for a skills transfer mentorship program as a recipient. So fare thee well my brother and Rest in peace, Dr. Peter Ongom.
Dr. Frank Asiimwe (Rubabinda Jr), Mulago National Referral Hospital

Yes Frank, you have said it all. Brother "PUMBA" on behalf of MMed surgery (2000) OBs & OGs, we shall dearly miss you. Please rest in peace and may the Almighty bless and reward you with Eternal life.
We may not individually accompany you home, but as you can see our spirits, we are with you and share the sorrows of all who mourn your demise. Sad indeed
Tom Okello, Head Surgery - Lacor Hospital, Gulu.

I have leant with great shock of passing on of Dr Peter Ongom; he was my Anatomy and Surgery lecturer. He was truly a gifted surgeon who made complicated things look much simpler and very interesting, that even not good students like me felt of becoming surgeons at such an early stage of our carrier. Never at any one time did he try to show off his excellence but we only saw excellence in him. I would say that I was lucky to be one of your students, May your soul rest in internal peace.
Dr Nuwagaba Charles
My favorite surgery teacher and mentor Dr.Ongom,
Fare thee well.
You have run your race
Dr. Keith Baleeta

Our first head of department of Anatomy, Gulu University Medical School. A TRUE mentor, you will always be in our hearts. The Knowledge and skills you gave us lives on.
May your soul rest in peace
Dr. Okello Dan

I have learnt with great shock of the passing on of Dr. Peter Ongom. Peter was my classmate right from Form 5 at St.Mary's College Kisubi in 1990, through undergraduate MBChB class at Makerere University Medical School 1992-1997(then). He was exceptionally intelligent and yet down-to-earth, calm and friendly person. I am sure he has been one of the outstanding surgeons of our generation, for quality was his hallmark. He will be greatly missed. May his humble soul rest in eternal peace
Dr. Kenneth Mugisha

I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the late Dr Ongom. He was my SHO when I was an intern. To all members on this discussion group, let us take heart as we all face the same destination. Of all the things we do every day, we are only assured of one thing and that is death. The difference is only time where every head has its own day.
RIP Dr Ongom
Dr. Grace Muzanye

My condolences, we have been through thick and thin with you as undergraduates since 1992, in Livingstone hall, as post graduates in Mulago, we moved together to Lira Hospital till we temporarily separated when you joined Gulu and finally Mulago. Sure the interactions we had meant a lot and I will seriously miss U
RIP. So sad indeed!!!!
Dr. Lukoda Ramathan

Peter was one of the members of SMACK PCB class that joined Makerere
University in 1992. He was one of the 4 members of the SMACK PCB class
that was shortlisted for selection for the overall best 20 students in the country. He unfortunately missed out on this but his three classmates Dr. Businge Bitamizire, Dr. Mugisha Kenneth and Prof. Kitara David received this special recognition from the state for the top 20 students in all combinations in the country. Therefore, he had a very strong academic background and his dreams were to become the
best in his field.
The MBChB class of 1992 graduated in 1997 and we met again with Peter
at Gulu University in 2004 at the establishment of the new faculty of Medicine. He was the first head of department of anatomy of Gulu University and lectured in the department of surgery until he transferred his services to Makerere University.
Our school motto was, "Duc in altum" "To launch into the deep" and that was his immediate dream to complete his PhD program.
May his soul rest in peace!!
Dr. David Kitara

It is indeed a big lose for this nation more so for the medical academic fraternity.
DR Ongom Peter was the first head of department of anatomy in Gulu University.
He is remembered for His dedicated service.
Dr. Moses Batwala

So sad indeed! Peter was one of the rare doctors who sacrificed a lot for the rural poor. I remember him working in Atutur Hospital under very difficult conditions and serving with humility when very few doctors would accept to be posted to this hospital. It is so sad that he has gone so soon.
May the Good Lord Rest Peter Ongom's soul in Eternal Peace
Dr John Ekure, Kumi Orthopedic Center

Very sad indeed. Peter attracted young Drs to rural Kumi when he worked there as an MS. He facilitated us to learn and stay in hospital when we were 3rd yrs in medical school. He was inspirational. May his soul rest in eternal peace
Dr. Oluka Onyait

During our time internet was almost unheard of. OP knew things from politics, economics, law, sports, entertainment etc as if he was googling. I had great respect for his academic prowess. I also vividly remember the discussions we used to have with OP in a daily basis. We even became closer during our internship in Mbale. He had a good heart. I will always remember OP. Indeed life is only part of a long journey. We will always miss you OP.
Dr. Nasur Muwonge - Class of 1992

May his soul rest in peace. I remember him during competitions at Butabika hospital rotation. He and Sonko managed to clear over 20 boiled eggs each.
We shall indeed miss him.
Dr. Kabugo Blasio – Class of 1992

It’s sad about OP…… Thoughts and prayers are with the family and all of us who will miss him immensely.
Dr. Andrew Kambugu – Class of 1992

Unfortunate to lose a Doctor at such a time of his prime part of professionalism and life.
RIP Dr. Ongom
Dr. Alex Ario

It is indeed a sad moment to us all. May the Almighty Lord grant his Soul Eternal Peace.
Dr. Peter Eriki

Fare thee well Peter (my mentor). May Jesus receive you gladly
Dr. Vianney Kweyamba

Very sad indeed! May the Lord receive him with great favor and may his soul rest in eternal peace! Peter you will indeed be missed!
Dr. Patrick Kyamanywa

Fare Thee Well, Peter,
Fare Thee Well.
You will be missed, greatly.
Dr. Michael C. Oketcho

Saddened to hear of Dr. Ongom’s passing. Sending prayers of comfort and strength to his family, friends and medical fraternity.
Dr. Edith N

It’s a hard fact to swallow, he’s gone! We empathetically join the bereaved family, friends and colleagues in celebrating the life of Dr Ongom.
Dr. Freddie Bwanga

RIP Dr Ongom
Gone too soon. We shall miss you. May His soul rest in PEACE.
Dr. Wambazu Moses

What a great loss. May God strengthen the family and all u friends
Dr. Okello Margaret, Mulago Hosp.

This is very sad news, another Doctor has passed on so sad.
May his soul rest in peace .May the Almighty God keep his family, friends and the medical fraternity strong.
Dr. Eddie Mworozi

May the Lord grant him eternal rest. Fair thee well good doctor..
Dr Wasswa Ssalongo

RIP my lecturer
Dr. Irene Bagala

May the soul of Dr. Peter rest in eternal peace, as the Good Lord reward him
for all he did for his people. My sympathies to the grieved family.
Sr (Dr).Euphrasia Katuutu

Very sorry and too sad indeed. May his soul rest in eternal peace
Dr. Joel Kimera

R.I.P our dear colleague!
Dr. Peter Kawanguzi

Very sad and sorry to learn of Peter Ongom's death. He was a good surgeon. His late dad Prof Ongom was our teacher too. May his soul rest in peace.
Dr. C. Engoru - Soroti

May the almighty God grant him eternal rest after all these years of hard work.
Condolences to all the family members, relatives and friends.
Dr. Yayi Alfred

My condolences to the medical fraternity and to the family.
Dr. Isaac Kadowa, Ministry of Health

Our deepest condolences, Rest in eternal peace Dr.Peter Ongom,
Dr. Frank Asiimwe, thank you for a great eulogy.
Dr.Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka, Makerere University

I pass on my personal condolence and that of the UCMB network to the family of late Dr. Ongom. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Dr. Sam Orochi Orach, Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau

Dear All, Very sad indeed. We shall miss Peter as a fraternity.
Peter RIP
Dr. Kirya Fred, Soroti Hospital

My heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends. RIP Mr. Ongom
Dr Bernard Omech, School of Medicine, Gaborone
RIP Dr Ongom
Dr. Busingye Diana

My sincere condolences Rest in Peace Dr. Ongom.
Dr. Isabella Epiu

Dear Colleagues, It is so sad. May the Almighty God Grant him eternal rest. May He strengthen the family at such a trying moment.
Dr. John B Waniaye, Mbale