Sunday 29 October 2017

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba writes about Late Hon. Sam Njuba.

By Abbey Ssemuwemba
It is amazing that this one man, Sam Njuba, through his ideas and the example of his political life, left such a deep footprint in the political soil of our times. His messages continue to thrill Ugandans the world over. He was a man of a moment, a moment long past. It has been a privilege to have read his book, THE BETRAYAL, which I borrowed from one of the UAH members here, and I’m very grateful. See below for some of his concluding remarks about Museveni, in particular:

1.’It is not far-fetched to assert that few people who have worked with Museveni can refer to him as a democrat. He is determined to control everything on earth, what is more, he cannot tolerate any dissenting views to his, and he does not believe in power sharing’’

2. ‘A leader’s background should be cross checked because our present leaders are sick with greed. They have an everlasting edge to grab and grab everything, even if they cannot possess it’

3. ‘Let everybody realize that the lifespan of a nation is much longer than of any individual……We are all mortals, and the greatest of all have fallen’

This last one touches on why I and some people have trouble believing that someone could support a life presidency project that is costly to a nation, just because an individual has convinced him or her to. I find all the comments supporting AGE-LIMIT REMOVAL here, how should I say...innocent.

 Life presidency is a prison of the human spirit. Those who perceive themselves to be eating, or have become rich because of Museveni, might find his 'life presidency' appealing; a quick road to their own more 'betterment'; but the whole thing isn’t sustainable. And guess what, a society based on the notion of everyone working for the nation has by far the highest productivity and economic output and 'standard of living'.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba 

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