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I have a lot of works that I have been involved with but have no stable income.  Once in a while some people approach me for tasks and after they are completed I remain redundant. I for example have published about my former secondary school:  St. Mary’s College Kisubi, and I have works due for printing if only I can get support to print them; I also started a Community Based Organization by the name of Good Governance Practice based in Wakiso district.  I wrote a number of project proposals until I resigned with none funded.  I then decided to make a trial to stand for President of Uganda with the hope that once supported financially; at least I would help improve lives of Ugandans even if I did not make it as a successful candidate.  I used the Internet facility where I clearly indicated what I wanted to do for the people of Uganda, during that time before the 2011, I reached my bankers then: Cairo International Bank and they did not give me any information of funds collected on my behalf, so I did not contest.  Up to now, I believe that the funds were just stolen but I have no case to make as not less than 4 emails I used that time ended up closed in unclear circumstances.  I tried the second time in 2014 to fundraise for President of Uganda, this time I used Barclays Bank. Up to now, there is no shilling I have realized from my effort which I did for not less than 12 months. My biggest problem in both cases is that I did not have an external account where the Uganda state machinery could not have influence, to – date I am yet to get one.
I have made some serious applications for jobs, unfortunately, I have not been considered.  A case in point is when I labored to apply for the position of Executive Director TASO and wanted to implement innovations as listed below:
I have also come up with an idea under Uganda Agenda 2021 that can help Uganda’s politics.  My innovation is found on the link below:
After all that failed, I realized that there were a number of companies represented on Facebook that wish to do business in Uganda. Currently, I am trying an innovation of: A One Stop Shopping Center in Kampala – Uganda”. If there can be funding for the undertaking, those companies would have their products at that center and be able to sale their goods and some with time promise to start making the products in Uganda once the market is realized.
In the meantime, I have put down my work on blogs where you can click and have a look at what I have done.  
1.    Kituuka Kiwanuka William’s Biography
Ideas I had for Presidency of Uganda in 2010 are on the link below:
2.    The Blog I used to market myself as a prospect Presidential candidate for 2016
3.    Publications by Kiwanuka Kituuka William
4.    Kiwanuka Kituuka William’s Blogs


Name:                                                William Kituuka Kiwanuka
Sex:                                                   Male
Age:                                                   57 years
Date of birth:                                     12th October 1959
District of birth:                                 Wakiso
Postal Address:                                   P.O. Box 2678, Kampala, UGANDA
Nationality:                                        Ugandan
No. of Children:                                  Four (4)


SCHOOL                                 YEARS                       ACHIEVEMENT                                                                                                       

St Mary's College, Kisubi               1974 - 1977                            E.A.C.E

St Mary's College, Kisubi               1978 - 1979                           E.A.A.C.E
Makerere University                     1980/81 - 1982/83               B.A (Hons) Economics/Rural Economy

STATEMENT ABOUT MYSELF                        

I am hard working, well organized and I communicate well. I am an enthusiastic team member and co-operative.


1)    Work solicited by own undertakings …………………………..……………. ….……………2001 to date.
2)    Journalist and Publisher ………………………………………….………….………..………………1992 – 2001.
3)    Proprietor Kajjansi College………………………………….………. February 1988 – December 1991.
4)    Uganda Commercial Bank (Stanbic) ……………….………………...August 1984 – February 1988.

5)    Namutamba S.S.S …………………………………………….…………...………..January 1984 – July 1984.

I have for 16 years got employed in one of the three capacities: as an individual, a Community Based Organization (Good Governance Practice) and or a Sole Proprietorship (Ultra Simplex Enterprises).               Below are some salient tasks I have been involved with over time.
March 2016 – to date.
Ø  Currently, I am working on an innovation of: A One Stop Shopping Center in Kampala.  This follows my discovery of a number of companies mostly in India and China that want their products to feature in Uganda market.
Ø  I am contacted by individuals and organizations in need of having project proposals written for funding.  I also write documents for various purposes to clients who approach me.
Ø  I have been able to communicate with them and some have given me sample images of products they want to present to Uganda market.  I am working on the identification of funding for the undertaking.
Ø  I am able to offer professional advice to clients after agreeing on the right way to handle proposals for funding given the basic skills I have acquired over time in the field.
October 12, 2014 to March 2016
I wanted to contest for President of Uganda. I started ground work marketing myself using my blogs to fundraise.  Unfortunately, due to reasons that I believe are political, no funds were credited to my account so I did not contest.
I came up with the blogs addresses below for marketing myself:
2008 to October 2014
I was involved with Good Governance Practice (GOGOP) a Community Based Organization in Wakiso.
I wrote a number of project proposals which included:
1.      Good Governance School Clubs (GOGOC) which the Government of Uganda has taken over and is to implement it as Patriotism School Clubs.
2.      Induction of Local Government Councils; meant to impart skills to newly elected councilors.
3.      Training Entrepreneurs for poverty Alleviation
4.      Demystifying Human Rights
5.      Demystifying Computer Skills
6.      Africa Good Governance Training
7.      Kajjansi Communication & Secretarial Centre
8.      Care Hands Outreach Program for people living with HIV/AIDS and the vulnerable.
I responded to Development Marketplace 2008 of the World Bank with a proposal in the name: Enhancing Productivity and Market for Small Farmers in Ssisa Sub-County.”
I was qualified for the 2nd round, unfortunately, in a surprise move of things someone in World Bank put me off those who were to submit final proposals.
I worked on Electronic Marketing ahead of the Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Uganda in November 2007.  I was able to publicize Uganda through the use of Computer Power Point slides and made publications which have greatly been circulated locally and internationally via       E-mail.
A Pictorial Presentation of CHOGM 2007 Re-discovers Uganda, Part (one and two) which expose the various potentialities of Uganda which can be the basis for development and a potential for exploitation.
CHOGM 2007 Re-discovers Uganda Calendar (Electronic).
Late 2005 to mid 2006.
I was involved in preparations for St. Mary’s College Kisubi Centenary Celebrations from September 2005 up to the celebration time (2006). 
Roles performed:
1)     I gathered information for the School website.
2)     I solely worked on the SMACK Centenary Magazine as Editor.  I came up with the strategy for it, identified people to interview, went to Archives in Rubaga for information, typed the work and edited it, wrote to prospect advertisers, and handed work to typesetter.
3)     I mobilized Old Boys for the SMACK Centenary Celebrations and kept them informed of developments via email.
4)     I collected information for the Old Boy’s website.
5)     I worked on the documentation and eventual registration of SMACKOBA WELFARE COMMUNITY (SMAWELCOM) a company limited by guarantee.
6)     I developed a 174 page CD on the History of             St. Mary’s College Kisubi (1906 – 2006).
Worked on the write-up of  Namulanda Technical Institute project proposal after collecting information from the Ministry of Education Resource Centre as well as interviewing some people.
Namulanda Technical Institute is meant to address the existing problems in technical training in Uganda.  I worked on the project proposal document up to implementation.  Admission is for S4 & S6 leavers in Motor Vehicle; Plumbing in Tropics; Electric Installation; Carpentry & Joinery and Bricklaying.  It is located at Kabulamuliro 12 miles Entebbe Road. 
I wrote Kajjansi Multi-purpose Tele Centre (KAMUTE) a US $ 100,000 Proposal.
This is a proposal meant to be used by 15 schools in Kajjansi Trading Centre hinterland so that the students/pupils doing their classes (P.7; S.4 & S.6) get 2-hour computer classes per week at the center at a minimal cost of Shs 2,000 per term.  The outputs of the project being that by the time the trainees leave school they are computer literate and can use the computer skills to get employment or get information on innovations through the Internet which may help them in developing innovative ideas for own use in job creation.  The facility is also meant to bring computer services to the community including the Internet, and also avail badly needed Secretarial Services by the schools in the area.
I wrote a project proposal of a Documentation of Uganda’s Medicinal Plants and what they treat.   
This is a US $ 25,348 project proposal well written but has never been funded.
Oct. to Dec. 2004
I was involved in writing a Proposal to restructure Bweya Children’s Home.
        I.            I wrote a Nutritional Project for Bweya Children’s Home to be able to utilize available land at the Home for growing own food as food is a big problem.
      II.            I wrote a project proposal in the name of: Designing, Launching and Publishing a website for Bweya Children’s Home.  This was targeted at getting the children’s circumstances known and hence an appeal for assistance given the circumstances.  This is a US $ 4,216.8 project.
    III.            I drew up a 5-Year Strategic Plan for Bweya Children’s Home 2005 – 2009.
  IV.            I drew Financial Management Guidelines for Bweya Children’s Home.
    V.            I wrote a proposal for staff salaries for Bweya Children’s Home for 2005. 
  VI.            I came up with a “Children’s Motivation Project”.  This was meant to offer small financial rewards to children as incentives for better performance as is normally the case in a home setting.  It is also intended to demystify money so that the children get used to it.  It also targets that children should be able to buy a few items to introduce a spirit of savings among the children. 
VII.            I wrote “Bweya Children’s Home Community Outreach Project”.  This was meant to use Bweya and other resources to reach out to the community in Namirembe Diocese on 4 thematic areas using video interaction.
VIII.            I designed various vouchers for the day to day use at the Home for accountability. 
   IX.            I worked on the Home’s Organization Chart.
     X.            I wrote a proposal for a Clinic to see to better health of the children.  This is a US $ 5,113 project.
   XI.            I worked on a one years’ budget for the Children’s Home.
I offered consultancy services to Mothers Union Namirembe Diocese after I was called upon by the then Chairperson of Mothers’ Union Namirembe Diocese (Mrs. Margeret Kitanda).
Among other things:
1.      I helped to work on their application to DFIDU CSUP for promotion of the Rights of Women within Namirembe Diocese area of jurisdiction.  (Unfortunately, some required documents were not attached at submission hence contributing to its failure).
2.      I wrote a project proposal: “Mitigating the Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS of Christian Women in Namirembe Diocese through the teaching of skills via a video media”.
3.      I worked on a Brochure for Mothers’ Union Namirembe Diocese.
I was part of the Organising Committee Secretariat for American Delegation to Uganda; February 22nd to March 1st 2004 which saw members of the Africa – USA International Chamber of Commerce come to Uganda for the East Africa – America Economic Partnership Trade Mission.  The theme of the visit was: “Creating a Sustainable Future for East Africa in the 21st Century”.
Among duties performed:
         i.            Making correspondences to Government Ministries and business establishments/businessmen.
       ii.            Reaching out to various service providers who were to render services during the visit of the delegation.
      iii.            I was involved in organizing the Local Investors’ Workshop which was meant to empower the business community with skills in negotiating business partnerships.
    iv.            I was involved in the marching of businesses with the members of the visiting American delegation given the interests of the visitors and the areas of operation of the business community.
      v.            I was party to the organization of a mini – exhibition at International Conference Centre and the Conference which took place on 25th February 2004.
2002 - 2004
I was involved in giving Guidance Sessions in secondary schools as well as selling Guidance Literature.
I lecture to students on careers related matters when called upon.
1)     On Sunday 11th August 2002 I was at Uganda Martyrs' S.S Namugongo for a presentation on Career Guidance to students from S. 3 to S.6 on their Careers day.
2)     In June 2003 I was at Trinity College Nabingo with a presentation on their Careers day.
3)     In 2004, in the course of 1st term, I was invited to St. Joseph Naggalama by the Headmistress Mrs. Agnes Nsubuga to address a joint session of S4 students, the teachers and parents on the topics:
a.     Good discipline and academic excellence are hard earned.
b.     The importance of balancing performance in subjects.
I used to get literatures on Career Guidance which I would sell to interested schools.
I am founder member of Makerere University Private Students' Parents' Association (MUPRISPA) Ltd which was started to cater for the welfare of Private Students at the University in 2001.
Among other roles I played included:
        I.            Making some good input into the Educational Loan Scheme - I personally wrote “A Comprehensive Feasible and Sustainable Educational Loan Scheme in Uganda." This was written for the attention of the Ministry of Education to help with ideas as regards a workable Educational Scheme in Uganda Circumstances.
      II.            The above paper was complimented by another; "Identifying Clientele for the Educational Loan Scheme and Loan Recovery Measures." The paper was a response to the Minister of Education and Sports' request to the public to contribute ideas on safeguards and guarantees for the loan scheme.
1.    Career Tips Magazine:         
I am proprietor and Editor of Career Tips Magazine concerned with Career Guidance and Counseling. The Magazine aims at bridging the gap in career guidance and counseling in Uganda Schools as well as advising on policy.
2.    Freelance Journalist  
(i)                 I made article contributions to a cross section of Uganda papers, including the Monitor, the New Vision and the defunct ‘the Crusader’.
(ii)               The  papers have also been used in submitting proposals to government. In 1996 I edited the Finance and Trade newspaper.
(iii)              I had opportunity to solicit adverts and make article contributions to the Market Place and Finance and Trade papers.
(iv)            I have had opportunity to interview a number of personalities for different publications.  
(v)              I was Editor of the Enterprise Magazine owned by Makerere University Commerce Association and I also solicited adverts for it.
3)  PROPRIETOR KAJJANSI COLLEGE (Feb. 1988 – Dec. 1991).
With funds from Canada, I started a Secondary School by the name Kajansi College. My strategy of having one class added per year made the venture expensive and unsustainable. I ended up giving the undertaking to the Headmistress of Kajjansi Progressive S.S at Lweza on Entebbe Highway to ensure continuity of the students.
1.      I joined Uganda Commercial Bank as a Trainee Accountant in July 1984. I was posted to UCB Jinja Main Branch. I had training in the banking hall as well as through courses conducted by the bank.  Departments handled included: Waste, Bills, Cash, Head Office, Current Accounts and Credit.
2.      In 1987, I was transferred to UCB Kampala Savings Branch as a part of the task force to rectify anomalies in the bank branch books. Accounts were put right after differences in books got established. I was involved in the currency exchange exercise. At the branch my duties involved paying staff salaries and allowances handling petty purchases and holding the strong room key. In 1987, I was confirmed Branch Accountant and put in charge of the commercialization of the branch which saw the introduction of current accounts and a change to UCB Nkrumah from Kampala Savings Branch.
3.      Early 1988 I resigned and went to start Kajansi College.
5)  NAMUTAMBA S.S (JAN 1984 - JULY 1984)
After getting my degree at Makerere University, I was requested by parents of Namutamba (then in Mubende district) to help them start Namutamba Secondary School. I assisted them and was first Headmaster.
I was involved in teaching and making plans for the school’s future. I left to take up an appointment at Uganda Commercial Bank as Trainee Accountant.
REFEREES:            Mr. Robert Sempa.
Director Matrix Forex Bureau
Uganda House
P. O. Box 2556, Kampala.
Tel. +256772402297
Mr. Magara Cornelius.
Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development
Plot 2 Simbamanyo House (George Street)
P. O. Box 7136, Kampala.
Tel. +256773666944
Mr. Edward Kurubaija.
Director, New High Tech S. S
P. O.  Box 18572, Kajjansi.

                                   Tel. +256773586333