Friday, 3 May 2013


The companies that run adverts on mass media should be a bit more responsible.  It disgusts listening to the Airtel adverts where a man and woman keep boring us about their love with none ready to leave the phone.  Surely, is there no better way to express that function of the phone other than keep spoiling the young generation?

It simply disgusts.  

Advertisers, much as there is the drive to get customers, but surely, there is need to be down on earth more so as the young generation is excited by such adverts which are either sensational or carry a lot of sex related tones.

There is concern about adverts where a child is at liberty to tell his parent to shape up!  This in our cultures is abusive which is least expected of a child to a father as in an advert where the child tells the father that "Taata beera mu class,"  This type of adverts can surely be modified to carry the message and still not negatively impact on the young ones.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka 

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