Tuesday, 7 May 2013


The problem with leaders of President Museveni’s caliber is when they get to think that they are an end in themselves and they end up with all the impunity.  Museveni has practiced impunity for so long, and what we have to do is pray for him because if he does not change his approach, Uganda as a country and the people of Uganda are doomed.  Uganda is heavily indebted and one would imagine that an experienced leader would look for wise counsel to see that the country can produce value so as to increase in its capacity to earn foreign exchange as well as create meaningful and not politically motivated jobs which just increase administrative budget.  For Uganda to have a budget of shs 1,700bn for the Ministry of Defence clearly shows you the type of leadership we have.  Since the time NRM got to power defence budgets have always eaten into the national budget; this time when we are not at war, it defeats understanding that the country continues to buy military equipment at the expense of other sector that can propel the country forward.
The current Electoral Commission should be phased out; all we see is the commission preparing for 2016 General Elections.  The people of Uganda know what is ideal for them, but President Museveni will keep pushing for his personal interests!

People of Uganda want a federo local governance system, but Museveni doesn’t want his money to be shared.  He wants to have the whole loaf and see how the millions can share the crumbs. 

We are seeing floods I many parts of the country.  The truth of the matter is that God is punishing President Museveni so that the people can suffer, get angry and when time comes make meaningful decisions.

Cries for monies due to Buganda Kingdom have been on for long, but Museveni will get billions for whatever project he wants and he will laugh at the people of Buganda as he makes them kneel for what is rightly due to them.  This type of heart of President Museveni has nothing to show for his being a Christian, for if he were a genuine Christian he would know that what he is doing is wrong.

We all need to pray that God changes Museveni’s heart.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

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