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As Katikkiro Mayiga takes office, there are a lot of challenges which he is aware of given the over 20 years he has been involved with the kingdom affairs.  What will help him in moving things is wide consultations before making changes or coming up with a new way of doing things.  he is fortunate that CBS radio is in place with good partnership which population can easily give in contributions.  The modern way is not to assume that people don't know what they want, hence the reason why consultations and ideas are called for.

One instance is the announcement that baked cakes are to be phased out on functions and instead cattle meat shall be the substitute.  I wish to inform the owekitiibwa that this is tricky.  How can he be sure that cattle meat can be cooked or baked and people don't eat this meat when half cooked?  Secondly, he ought to be aware that this red meat is being discouraged as many of our people are having health problems due to eating a lot of it.  While cakes have their health problems due to a lot of sugar, this is the reason that the Katikkiro should make wide consultations before coming up with changes in the way things are done.  I am of the opinion that instead people who understand food values well could come up with a baked combination to substitute the unhealthy cakes with a better balanced cake that households can copy and make domestically for better health.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka   

Katikkiro issues new coronation fete rules


Posted  Friday, May 31  2013 at  01:00
In Summary
Among other regulations is allowing one religious leader to lead prayers on behalf of others

The new Buganda Kingdom Premier (Katikkiro), Mr Peter Charles Mayiga, has issued new guidelines for the coronation celebrations and all kingdom’s future functions.
Buganda is set to mark Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s 20th coronation anniversary on July 31. Mr Mayiga announced the new regulations while inaugurating the coronation organising committee at Bulange, Mengo.

The committee is headed by the new speaker of the kingdom Lukiiko (parliament), Mr Nelson Kawalya and deputised by Mr Denis Walusimbi Ssengendo, the kingdom’s information minister.

“The new guidelines must be adhered to if we are to have organised functions. We do not want to mix up things and wasting time. Due to lack of coordination we have been making the Kabaka sit for hours when there is nothing serious going on,” Mr Mayiga said.

He said starting with the coronation anniversary; all those intending to speak at kingdom functions must submit their speeches to the organising committee three weeks before the event. “As long as I am still Katikkiro, I will not allow those who are not on the programme to say anything.
The Master of Ceremony is supposed to invite only those on the programme and must speak within the stipulated time,” Mr Mayiga added. “This must also be followed at all functions we intend to have in future.”

The Katikkiro ordered for one special account for all functions which is to be managed by the Kingdom treasurer, Ms Eva Nagawa, unlike before where different functions had different accounts by different committees. He also launched a new logo for the 2013 coronation anniversary which is to be used on budges, T-shirts and other items during the anniversary celebrations.
Kabaka Mutebi was enthroned as the 36th king on July 31, 1993, three decades after monarchies were abolished by Obote I regime.

Katikkiro Mayiga gets instruments of power

Publish Date: May 29, 2013

Katikkiro Mayiga gets instruments of power
Katikkiro Mayiga waves to the people. PHOTO/Eddie Ssejjoba

By Moses Mulondo & Jeff Lule 

MENGO, Kampala - Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II on Wednesday gave the new Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga the royal mace (Ddamula) as a symbol of authority.

Amidst ululations from hundreds of his subjects who turned at Mengo, the Kabaka arrived at the palace at about 11am local time.

He first visited the fire place outside the main gate of the palace. Mayiga also arrived shortly and waited in a tent next to the entrance.

Katikkiro Mayiga holds the mace, a symbol of authority. PHOTO/Eddie Ssejjoba

Minutes later, the Kabaka returned at the main gate with the Ddamula and called, “Charles Peter Mayiga.”

The new Katikkiro immediately rushed towards the Kabaka and picked the Ddamula, pledging his allegiance to the Kabaka and promising to execute the responsibilities bestowed upon him.

Dressed in a blue garb with silver strips, Mayiga tightly held the mace and quickly walked away amidst tight security provided by muscular body guards from his Mutima clan to ensure that no-one grabs it from him, as is ritual, until he successfully entered Butikkiro house which is a few meters across the road.

Kabaka Mutebi II flanked by Nabagereka and other kingdom officials at the function. PHOTO/Eddie Ssejjoba

At this stage, there was a stampede as people struggled to capture a glimpse of what was transpiring.  Some climbed trees to secure an uninterrupted view. 

The historic developments were unfolding as high ranking dignitaries including Vice-President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, former vice president Prof. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, former Katikkiros Dan Muliika, Joash Mayanja Nkangi, Mengo ministers, several MPs and others were followed the events keenly.

After successfully entering Butikkiro, Mayiga gave a meal to his clan-mates, as is norm, thanking them for their support towards him before later coming out to speak to the gathering.

The new Katikkiro receives the mace from a grinning Kabaka Mutebi. PHOTO/Eddie Ssejjoba

“I have won the battle. I have tightly held Ddamula. It is a noble function in which the Kabaka has officially given me authority to lead Buganda on his behalf.
"I therefore ask you to always listen to and obey what I will be telling you to do,” he said amid applause as some shouted, “You are the Katikkiro we have always wanted.

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