Wednesday, 8 May 2013


With all due respect, Hon. Betty Kamya should stop pushing for a referendum for federo.  This lady is bitter that the electoral commission left out a referendum on federo in its road map to the 2016 General Elections.  Betty was told that this matter was concluded at the time of the Odoki Commission, but it is not clear why Betty is deciding to be a bad girl.  Betty is aware of the complaints made about the electoral commission in the due course of its work.  Betty is aware that there are institutions bigger than her party that have cautioned her on pushing for a referendum whose out come she may not be able to positively influence.   

Betty also said that they were not consulted as former Presidential candidates before Dr. Kiggundu made his pronouncements.  Betty talks about having spents shs 3 bn, and this qualifies her to have been consulted.  The question: Where did Betty get all that money?  Did she use all that money in the elections to gun for votes including bribing voters or did she make investments?   The ability to get such money is another reason why Ugandans may need to be careful as some party could bribe her into getting us into a worse situation when the referendum is okayed.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka

Betty Kamya must abandon the idea of having a national referendum on federalism:

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