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Hon. Bukenya is like a child who does not learn any lessons!  There was a time when Bukenya as Vice President was seen in some shrine in Masaka; it was alleged that he was there for ‘prayers’ to see the ‘kisanja’ (another term) for Museveni real.  Then he was grooming his son (R.I.P) for a senior role in the army.  The unfortunate happened, his son perished in an accident!  Before wounds could heal, Bukenya’ role in CHOGM became public knowledge, and unfortunately, he ended up in Luzira Prison!  The truth of the matter is that Prof. Bukenya was used and he would have known that the law could catch up with him.
As of now, the credibility of NRM is so bad that many believe that without bribing voters, the Party cannot make it.  The question is why does Bukenya want to challenge Museveni given what he has gone through?
I think Prof. Bukenya should learn and stop making mistakes that can be disastrous.

William Kituuka Kiwanuka  

Bukenya President bid draws support, queries

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya
Prof. Gilbert Bukenya 
By Mercy Nalugo

Posted  Sunday, May 5   2013 at  01:00
In Summary
Politicians across the spectrum have received Bukenya’s declaration that he would challenge President Museveni with a mixture of applause and skepticism.

Politicians from various political parties have weighed in on Prof Gilbert Bukenya’s declaration that he would take on President Yoweri Museveni in 2016.

Whereas some hailed the former vice president and current Busiro North MP for the decision he has taken to face Mr Museveni in race for the NRM party presidential candidate, others doubted he can stand up to the challenge.
Ms Karooro Okurut, the government spokesperson reading the party guidelines in choosing a Presidential Flag bearer told Sunday Monitor that any party faithful is free to contest for any seat as long as they fulfill all the requirements.
“As to whether he is capable of being the presidential flag bearer of the NRM would be a matter to be decided by the party members in an in-house election,” Ms Karooro said. But Tamale Mirundi, President Museveni’s spokesperson questioned Prof Bukenya’s suitability and moral standing.

He described Prof Bukenya and “the NRM team” he claimed to be fronting his candidature as “jokers”.
“For me when a person declares they want to stand [for leadership], why not. But the problem is that some are conmen. They say I am coming to stand so that President Museveni calls them to give them money,” he said adding that “People like Prof Bukenya are jokers. They cannot lead and help the country. Prof. Bukenya and his team are like an impotent man looking at a beautiful woman. If the impotent man is looking at your beautiful wife, why should you even care?”

Prof Bukenya said in an exclusive interview that the country needed change and that he had decided to provide leadership for that change (the full interview on page 20-21).
He said fighting graft would be one of his top priorities as well as improving incomes through agriculture.
But Mr Mirundi challenged the professor on whether he has the moral authority to comment on the corrupt.
“He should be the last person to comment on the corrupt. The man who was involved in loss of Chogm funds and was saved because of technicalities cannot talk about fighting corruption ….If you fail exams of primary one you cannot go to primary seven and Bukenya does not have the moral authority to criticise the corrupt,” he said.

He alleged that Prof Bukenya could be eyeing donor funds.
Like Tamale, Democratic Party President Norbert Mao doubted whether Prof Bukenya is ready for the historic challenge.
“Until he is nominated as a candidate for the NRM leadership is when I will know he is serious. Some people make pronouncements to get media attention while others want to catch President Museveni’s eye to have their problems sorted. We have heavily indebted leaders,” he said.

Mr Mao said Prof Bukenya will have several questions to answer before the electorate. “He supported the lifting of term limits and he should tell us what the difference between him and President Museveni is. I think Ugandans will continue being skeptical. He also called some members of the NRM a mafia group but he never quit the NRM party. He must do more research as to whether the image of the NRM party can be redeemed but I also doubt whether the CEC itself would endorse him. I doubt whether he has the back to take on President Museveni,”
Other leaders however hailed him and said his decision has been long overdue.
Mr Nandala Mafabi, the Leader of Opposition said his determination is a reminder that good and democratic leaders come and go. “The idea is good because people will know that leaders should come and go for its good for democracy. Bukenya should be supported,” he said.

Lwemiyaga County MP, Mr Theodore Ssekikubo said leadership should not be a monopoly of one person. 
“Bukenya like any other person possesses qualifications to stand for elections. I think this is welcome and at the end of the day it depends on how a person markets himself. Leadership is not a monopoly of one person and his declaration is long overdue. His regard and respect had not been reciprocated,” he said.
Describing the qualities of a leader the country deserves, Mr Ssekikubo said Ugandans need a pro-people agenda “and how this person can steer through this agenda.”
Mr Mike Mukula, a member of the NRM party’s Central Executive Committee remarked that as long as Bukenya follows the party’s guidelines, he can aspire to the country’s highest office. “I encourage him to fulfill all the guidelines and he should start marketing himself. He is a good man,” Mr Livingstone Okello-Okello, a senior politician says his declaration is welcome as it creates room for competition within the NRM party

“The NRM party members must refrain themselves from electing President Museveni. They think he is God. He should have come out long time ago,” said Mr Okello-Okello. He said the country will not move forward as long as President Museveni remains leader.
Bukenya has previously declared that as long as President Museveni is in power, he will not stand against him.

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