Friday, 18 July 2014


Plane Carrying and being Flown by US Marine Run out of Fuel, Making Emergency Landing on the Mityana-Kampala Highway Causing Traffic Jam
By Jako D Waluluka

A plane that was carrying and being flown by American Marines earlier on Friday made an emergency landing on the Mityana –Kampala highway at Kiwuwu village .
It is reported that the plane which was enroute to Sudan was forced to turn back to Entebbe after what is said was bad weather in Sudan that could not enable the pilot to continue flying there thus his decision to fly back to Entebbe.
However, it is said that he noticed that the plane had run out of fuel and made a final decision to try and land it on the road.
Luckily for him at the time, there was no traffic on the road which enabled him to tax it on the road saving both his life and that of the other passengers.
When we contacted the civil aviation authority, they confirmed the incident and said that they would be coming out with a formal statement. By the time that we went to press they were yet to release the statement.
Other Incidences;
                                    A piper forced on road landing
In January,a small plane travelling to Connecticut after taking a tour of the Statue of Liberty made an emergency landing on a New York City interstate highway, startling drivers but touching down safely with no serious injuries to anyone aboard or on the ground, officials said.
The aircraft, a Piper PA-28, set down at around 3:20 p.m. on the northbound side of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, in an area where the highway passes through Van Cortlandt Park. The Federal Aviation Administration said three people were on board.
In another incident that took place in 2013, a pilot made an emergency landing on a highway in Florida, US, after his plane lost power.
The vintage plane landed safely on State Road 415 after the pilot realised he was not going to make it to the airport runway.
What still remains unclear is how the pilot will manage to get it off the road or whether they will have to dismantle it first and how long the whole operation will take .

edited by Arinanye Drusilla

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