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 In the photo: Father Modeste Raux died December 12, 1965 and was buried at Kisubi Parish Church Cemetery.

 In the photo: Prof. Sebastian B. Kyalwazi (RIP). The Late Prof. Kyalwazi was the first Catholic Doctor in Uganda to receive a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), which he obtained in Scotland. In fact, he was the first African Doctor to obtain this qualification South of the Sahara. He was the first African to become President of the East African Association of Surgeons. He was a Chairman of the Board of Governors of St. Mary’s College Kisubi till his death, and indeed an Old Boy of St. Mary’s College Kisubi. He was Chairman of the Old Boy’s Association around 1964 – 65.
Prof. Kyalwazi’s Funeral Service was held at Rubaga Cathedral, and it was the first function the Archbishop of Kampala, Emmanuel Wamala presided over shortly after he got out of captivity in February 1992 by Bingo, the man who later blew himself up. In recognition of his service to the country, the President of Uganda H E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declared a day of National Mourning on the day of his burial and the entire cabinet attended his funeral service.
There is an Annual Kyalwazi Memorial Lecture at Mulago Referral Hospital on every anniversary of his death.

In the photo: Prof. Tom Otiti an OB of SMACK. Prof. Tom Otiti joined Makerere University as a Teaching Assitant in 1985.
Since 1985, Prof. Otiti has never held any administrative post, neither is he eager to vie for one. All he wishes is to spend his
time on is research and teaching. From his dedication to research he was able to rise to the rank of Professor and was also among the winners of one of the most prestigious awards in the world-the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 was shared between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific body of the UN and former US vice-president Al Gore.
Prof. Tom Otiti (Department of Physics) and Assoc. Prof. Charles Basalirwa (Department of Geography) shared in the Nobel Peace Prize won by the IPCC for its work on global warming and climate change. Prof. Otiti was part of a team of researchers from Africa, US, China and Russia who conducted a project for IPCC on how to effectively circulate the best environmentally sound technologies in the world.

The cover impressions of the various works I have done which have a do with St. Mary's College Kisubi and its products.

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