Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This was the AGM for the Old Boys of 1965 after the Motor accident.

The Monument at Mt. St. Teresa Kisubi

12 students of SMACK who perished in a road accident in 1964

Architect Henry Sentoogo
Mr. Agaba former Headmaster of SMACK

In the photo former President Obote (on the left) and Kabaka Edward Mutesa II, whose conflict precipitated into the accident. The people who were jubilating and in a convoy of cars were mistaken to be a politically motivated development at a time when there was political unrest between the Central Government and Buganda Government when Kabaka Mutesa II was the President of Uganda.

Photos left to right: Former President Apollo Milton Obote (RIP) being greeted by the SMACK teachers; then the prefects and Brother Kyemwa taking him on the tour of the Memorial Library. Speaking on the issue of integration, Obote firmly told his audience that the integration, which at times was called nation building, could not be willed. “I, the President of Uganda, you as youths of Uganda, our fathers or any other person in Uganda cannot do just as God did in the creation of the earth. It is not within our power as human beings to say “Let there be integration” and to hope or expect that we shall have integration tomorrow morning. We have to work consciously towards integration and perhaps the most encouraging element in this conscious effort to build one Uganda is what I have already referred to, namely, the positive response of our youth in supporting this policy.” Obote went to explain: “I do not think it necessary that I should discuss with you why this trend in the affairs of Uganda should be encouraged. It is this. Before the coming of the British, the world of our grandfathers ended with the tribal boundaries.
It would be a disservice to our youth if they were to grow in the twentieth century or in the centuries to come, in the world of our grandfathers. To you, your vision is greater than what our grandfathers had and your area of operation must be in Uganda as a whole and not just some corner of this beautiful land. It is easy to formulate this type of policy, the policy of integration, the policy of building one Uganda, but it is another thing to define what must be done and be able to do it.
There is still tremendous prejudice in our country. There is considerable ignorance of how people in different parts of Uganda live. Here again it is just not possible to will away prejudices, but we must work consciously to remove them. We must show by example that we mean to build one Uganda. You might have heard in the past of prejudices of various types.

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