Monday, 28 July 2014


By Karoli Semogerere

Hon. Paul Kawanga Semwogerere

Ms. Doreen Rweihangwe, the Chief Coffee Taster of Uganda in summing notes with Dad and my sister Anna before bidding us farewell. At that point we are going home with some of our Kawanga Forest ground coffee: — at UCDA UMA Showgrounds:.

The Chief Coffee Taster discussing results from a written report  where the Coffee scored more than 80% in the R specialty test: — at UCDA.

testing/tasting is scores a number of qualities of the coffee. It is done with a sharp hissing sound as it touches their palates: — at Umar Investment Ltd.

Richard Obonyo and Dad are marveling at the extensive scoring sheet wondering how we will perform:

Dad and Mum are reading the scoring criteria. — at UMA showground.

This is a tough highly caffeinated job. In the back are export samples. KFC samples will remain here in a small labeled bag:

Dad and Mum visiting my office prior to taking off to Bugoloobi. We have just left the library housing one of the largest private legal collections in the country at Kanjokya Street.... — at Kololo, Kampala.

Question time? A question on coffee export terms. FOT versus FOB the Economics Professor is asking?

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