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In the photo: Sebastian Nsubuga, the man who mounted the skeletons in the SMACK Biology Laboratory. Virtually all the Scientists from SMACK who are alive today, and read Biology got guidance from him. He Retired in 2007 making 63 years to St. Mary’s College Kisubi. In 1974, St. Mary’s College gave Sebastian Nsubuga a Certificate of Service. It reads as follows: “Mr. Sebastian Nsubuga has served St. Mary’s College, Kisubi faithfully and with dedication for 30 years, February 1944 -1974, as a Laboratory Attendant, Biology Laboratory Assistant and Senior Laboratory Technician.” Brother Anthony Kyemwa issued the Certificate as Headmaster at that time. By 2006, he had retired from Government service, but was still pushing on with service to SMACK. He retired in 2007, having made 63 years’ service to St. Mary’s College Kisubi. He is grateful to the Parents’ Teachers’ Association (PTA) that paid for his input from when he was put off the payroll to 2007.
At the same time he is very grateful to Old Boys who helped him acquire a Lease for the land where he stays.

In the photo: The Right Reverend Bishop Louis Joseph Cabana. On October 22, 1949 there was a Speech Day at SMACK, The Right Reverend Bishop Louis Joseph Cabana, the then Vicar Apostolic of Uganda gave a speech on, “Christian Education.”

Late Robert Serumaga was an Old Boy of SMACK.

In the photo: In 1991, Mr. Leonard Muganwa an Old Boy re- introduced Rugby to the school.
Rugby was introduced as a major sport in the school.

In the photo: Sacristans at SMACK John Nazareth on the left. John Nazareth writes that during the pre-Independence Election of 1962 (when the Kabaka Yekka – UPC alliance got elected), the Kisubi Parish Church was ransacked at night and the Blessed Sacrament tabernacle was broken into and the Host was stolen. In SMACK we were afraid that the same thing would happen there. So Anthony Carvalho and I – both sacristans – volunteered to sleep in the sacristy to give an alarm in case our Chapel was attacked. We slept there for 2 years even a few months in the office of the new church built. At that point after it was clear that things had cooled down, we went back to sleeping in our dormitories.

In the photo from the left is Dr. E. K. Mbidde who was Chairman of the PTA Board; Brother Bukenya who was Head teacher and Secretary on both the PTA and Board of Governors; Engineer J. B. Walusimbi (Jnr) Chairman Board of Governors.

In the photo: Distinguished Old Boys who Headed School Boards when Bro. Tinkasimire was Headmaster. “I wish to thank in a very special way, the Parents’ Teachers’ Association (PTA) Executive led by Henry Kayondo (RIP), who was a Lawyer and Founder Chairman, followed successively by Engineer John B. Walusimbi, Professor Joseph Mukiibi and Professor Francis G. Omaswa, for their dynamic leadership in mobilizing the parents to fund the school projects and create a harmonious rapport among all the stakeholders in SMACK. Without their help the challenges would have remained a burden, but instead they became springboards to better achievements,” says Brother Joseph Tinkasimire.

Airforce One - The School bus at SMACK

Students in-front of a truck in the 1960's

The Lecture Theatre on the left had a dual purpose in the 1970's; the Chemistry classes could be held there, yet on Sunday's, it would serve as a Church for students who were members of Church of Uganda.
2nd photo students in a Chemistry Practical.

Sebastian Nsubuga while Lab. Assistant at SMACK.

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