Sunday, 17 August 2014


It is no doubt that a number of primary and secondary level schools in Uganda excel at academics, but majority of them have a poor public relation function.  You may not get 10% you wish to know about a school from the Internet.  Many don’t have a phone contact and or Email you can use to get in touch with them.

Time is now for the schools to go an extra mile in improving their public relation function.  I have called on a few schools, more often than not; you will not get a call from them until you personally move to the school to follow up the matter.  This from my point of view is a poor public relations function.

A person with any issue should be followed up.  At times it may save that person the bother if the school is not interested in what he has to offer or his/her proposal.
It is incumbent upon the school heads to see that they improve the public relation function, and at the same time, given the competition, endeavour to put good information about their schools on the Internet.

I am ready to help many schools get known through the Internet publishing.  We have a number of people who are working outside Uganda who may wish to get to know about the schools where they can send relatives, unfortunately, there are a handful of schools with such information readily available on the Internet.

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