Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Child care is an area of work that covers a wide range of roles and settings.  It is concerned with the care and development of children.  The activities the children are involved in may include: painting; drawing; making models; stenciling; playing with sand; and water.

Everything the children do is geared towards learning.  Children learn through play and specific skills are encouraged.  They may learn how to sort and match, using colours, numbers and objects.

The challenges of child care are that some children are very shy, angry, or have behaviour problems.  Their needs have to be assessed and this calls for a lot of one – to – one work with them.

A range of play opportunities help children to develop socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.  Children might choose team games, art sessions, music, and competitions.

Safety is very important as far as children play is concerned.  The starting point is to check all the play equipment.  There must be checking to rule out hazards.

The qualities required in one guiding children as they play are patience, enthusiasm, stamina – that is to be on the go all time and be able to give full attention to ones job.  Most of all, one has to love children and want to work with them.

What is exciting is watching the children learning new skills and seeing the look of achievement on the faces of the children when you praise them.

Caring for children requires a number of important qualities:

  1. A genuine interest in children and their development; a caring nature,
  2. Patience – children can be demanding and you need to be tolerant of their behaviour,
  3. Confidence – you must be firm and also able to maintain discipline,
  4. Good Communication Skills – you need to be able to talk to children in a clear and simple way and listen to what they are saying,
  5. Enthusiasm – children respond best to a happy and friendly personality,
  6. A sense of humour  is essential,
  7. Physical fitness – children keep you on your toes.  You must be active, with plenty of energy and stamina.

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