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Budo Junior School and King’s College Budo were at the same campus where there is King’s College today. When the population of primary rose, senior section had no space for expansion. The extension was made by establishing Budo Junior School on 10 acres of land at Kabinja – Budo as a new site for the School on 30th June 1958 under the Governing Body of Church of Uganda (Anglican Church) with 300 pupils. The core purpose for Budo Junior School was to train children of Nobles and Kings, but later other citizen’s children were provided a chance to be trained as honest, trustworthy, sympathetic, patriotic and respectful citizens.

Curriculum: Budo Junior School follows the National Curriculum and subjects like Mathematics, English, Science / Literacy II, SST / Literacy I, Luganda (P.1 – P.3) and Religious Studies (P.1 – P.3) are taught.
Admissions: Entries to Budo Junior School are made once a year. The application form with necessary requirements must be filled and brought at school. The applicant sits for a selection interview in December and the admission form is given after the interview.
  • To train responsible future leaders
  • To produce God fearing citizens
  • To produce self reliant citizens
  • To produce people who will conserve and protect the environment, cultural norms of the society
  • To produce citizens who are patriotic
Facilities: Budo Junior School facilities include the following;
Sick bay: This gives first aid treatment to the children and entire staff of the school. It also gives inter class health education talks which normally is done where need arises and Refers seriously sick children for further investigation and management. Other facilities are computer laboratory, recreation structures, classrooms and accommodation structures.
Co-curricular Activities: these include Sports and games, gardening i.e. Crop Husbandry and Animal Husbandry, School choir and athletics.
 School farm
Mission: Budo Junior School mission is to produce God fearing citizens who are ready to take up the challenges of leadership in a modern Uganda.
Vision: Budo Junior School vision is to produce honest, trust worth, sympathetic, patriotic and respectful citizens.

Children Accommodation

House                        Class         Sex
Chwa                          P.1             Male   (Named after King Chwa)
Baskervile                     P.2            Male   (Named after HM)
Cobb                          P.3            Male         “         “       “
Kivebulaya                    P.3            Male   (Named after Kabaka’s legend)
Mackay                        P.4            Male   (Named after HM)
Herbert                        P.5            Male   (Named after HM)
Barlow& Semugooma        P.6            Male
Kiggundu & Kibirige          P.7            Male   (Named after HM)
Nabagereka                   P.1             Female
Grace                         P.2            Female
Nakabugo                     P.4 & P.3    Female
Jewell                         P.5            Female
Namala                        P.6            Female
Sangalyambongo             P.7            Female        (Named after the birth of the Princess)

Location: Budo-Kabinja, 4 KM Kampala – Masaka road
Telephone: +256-414-375715
Fax: +256-414-375715
Mobile Phone Number: +256-772-508145

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