Friday, 8 August 2014


The reason I went to school among other things is to be able to exercise my independent judgment.  I pity the likes of Hon. Peter Nyombi, who though they are learned can allow to be used as if they were puppets!  And for Justice Benjamin Odoki, it would be great if he could do service to Uganda and say he is not interested, for it is clear that the appointing authority has specific interest in him, and the good justice can give his name credit by getting out of the circus.

William Kituuka  


Nyombi Appeals Against Constitutional Court Ruling On Benjamin Odoki

The Attorney General, Peter Nyombi has appealed against the recent ruling by the Constitutional Court that stopped the re-appointment of Benjamin Odoki as Chief Justice.
The Attorney General of Uganda, Peter Nyombi
The Attorney General of Uganda, Peter Nyombi

Early this week, four judges of the Constitutional Court ruled against the re-appointment of Benjamin Okodi as Chief Justice.

Judge Lillian Tibatemwa, Solomy Balangi Bbosa and Eldad Mwanguhya ruled that President Yoweri Museveni was wrong to reappoint former Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki saying it was unconstitutional.

However, Justice Ruby Aweri disagreed with the ruling, saying President Museveni was right to reappoint Odoki.

The Western Youth Member of Parliament, Gerald Karuhanga petitioned the constitutional court to challenge the appointment of Benjamin Odoki as the chief justice of Uganda citing that he had attained 70 years of age and was unqualified for the job.

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