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J C Kiwanuka fare thee well (weraba)

J C married Hilda in 1953. He met his late wife at Lubaga when he had gone for the funeral of Bishop Michaud. His wedding could have cost about shs 50,000 of that tume. The ceremony was at Lubaga Cathedral by the Late Bishop Joseph Louis Cabana, and then they went to White Nile Club (Katwe), before going home to Luweero. Mr. Kiwanuka says his wife was a first class housewife.

The other Brothers who inspired the Late J C to love Maths are: Brother Raymond; Brother Victor; Brother Phillip; and Brother Edgar.

J. C. Kiwanuka - Deputy headmaster from 1957
6 years after graduation in 1957; the late j. C. Kiwanuka was made Deputy Headmaster at St. Mary's College Kisubi. This was 12 years before the 1st African Headmaster in the name of Brother Anthony Kyemwa was made Headmaster at the school in 1969!

Among those organisations that Awarded the Late J C Kiwanuka while still alive are:
The Rotaract Club of Mulago. The message: "With great pleasure and honour, the Rotaract Club of Mulago on 29th day of November 2004 thanked Mr. J. C. Kiwanuka for being a great teacher and setting exemplary deeds for the students and citizens of this nation Uganda and the wider world." President Mutaawe Robert 2004/05
The Late was given a Certificate of Distinction by the Association of Catholic Education Institutions and Teachers in Kampala Archdiocese. This was to him for dedicated long sevice to the education sector.

Regarding the Lawrence Commission Report, the Late Kiwanuka said the Commission came to Uganda when he was Uganda Teachers’ Association UTA) President. They as UTA submitted their proposals many of which were accepted. The report was completed when he was Minister of Education, and if they had more time in Government, they would have made improvements basing on the report”.

Though a former Minister in DP Government, the Late J C Kiwanuka worked under 13 Brother Head teachers at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. These are: Brother Louis Chounard 1951 – 52; Bro. Jean Leonardie Aubin 1952 – ‘54; Brother Oscar Roger 1955 – 60; Bro. Marcel Belanger 1960 – 62; Bro. Austin O’Donnell 1962 – 63; Bro. Paul Bourget 1963 – 67; Bro. David Denicourt 1967 – 68. Other Brother Head teachers include he served under include: Anthony Joseph Kyemwa 1969 – “83; Dr. Cosmos Kafeero 1980 – ’83; Peter Kazekulya 1983 – ’86; Joseph Tinkasimire 1987 – ’96; John Agaba 1996 – ’98 and Edward Bukenya 1998 – 2001.

Prof. J. Bulwa, Mr. A. Sebuliba and Prof. J. C. Kiwanuka were the successful candidates, when in 1940, the first bunch of students at St. Mary's College Kisubi sat for cambridge School Certificate (by then a 4 year course), which had been started in 1937 at SMACK (the year J C Kiwanuka joined the school).

John Roland tamale who was head prefect 1982 - '83 at St. Mary's College Kisubi wrote that, "We acknowledge with heartfelt appreciation the invaluable services rendered by Brother C. Kafeero (then Headmaster) and his faithful Deputy Mr. J. C. Kiwanuka (old Boy/teacher for more than 30 years).

The book: "Catholic Schools 2000 - Issues and Challanges;" edited by: E. S. Kiwanuka & I. F. Kasibante is dedicated with profound admiration and gratitude to among others: Mr. J. C. Kiwanuka; B. Sc Mathematics, teacher at St. Mary's College Kisubi (1951 - 2001).

Mr. Kiwanuka has this to say about the Catholic Church. “They had good plans for education and very good foresight, for example they pioneered in technical education which we yearn for today.. They have helped many people with school fees problems. I being one of those people helped. For being a very religious man, he says it is possibly because he was a son of a catechist and that also his immediate uncle was a Catechist. As a good Catholic, Mr. Kiwanuka donated a part of his land to Bamugolodde Church at home in Luweero.

When the Editorial team of the SMACK Eagle Magazine met Mr. Mbire, he clearly indicted the Late J C Kiwanuka among the favourite teachers.

The Eagle team (2002) included Robert Nturwabakye, John Nkwanga and Steven Mukasa.
Below are Excerpts.
The Eagle: Could you tell us about yourself?
Mr. Mbiire: I am Charles Mbiire, an Economist. I have several business interests ranging from Communications, Power projects, and several companies. I represent international companies in South Africa, Uganda, United States, U.K and now Nigeria. I am in major companies such as MTN Uganda where I am one of the founders, a shareholder and Director.
The Eagle: What attracted you to SMACK?
Mr. Mbiire: First, I think it’s one of the top schools. If you look around in all spheres of influence, you will always find somebody from SMACK.
The Eagle: Which House were you in?
Mr. Mbiire: Mugwanya House.
The Eagle: Who were your favourite teachers?
Mr. Mbiire: The teachers I remember are Mr. Mutumba, then Brother Sekitoleko, Brother Tinkasimire (who was very helpful to me). My Headmaster Brother Anthony Kyemwa who really disciplined us, and Mr J.C. Kiwanuka.
The Eagle: What unique trait did you get from SMACK?
Mr. Mbiire: One of them is going to church, the morals. I got a very strong religious background and then of course coming from an “upper class” primary school, when I got to St. Mary’s, it was a shock. I was brought down to reality to what we are in Uganda. I had never been to a boarding school before. SMACK actually groomed me into a man.
The Eagle: How was the interaction between S.1 and S.6 during your time?
Mr. Mbiire: There was division, for example, the S.6 had many privileges including dances, going out and the young boys were jealous. You know, it is natural.
The Eagle: No bullying?
Mr. Mbiire: No. In my life at Kisubi, I was never bullied.
The Eagle: How was the social life those days?
Mr. Mbiire: I remember when I was Vice-Chairman of the Social Club in S.4, we voted for Gayaza, Nabbingo and Namagunga. We used to have a lot of interaction because we had the Scripture Union, YCS, Debating and we used to go to Namagunga. Those were our friends. Our enemies were Namilyango, they used to call us weevils, and we were calling them fumblers.
The Eagle: What was SMACK known for besides academics?
Mr. Mbiire: We were the best at basketball, football, athletics and Table tennis. I want to resurrect basketball fully, we were the best, Kisubi was very good.
The Eagle: Any bad memories?
Mr. Mbiire: When a student drowned at Nabinonya beach, it is one of my worst memories in Kisubi it scared me. Then the food was very bad, but they tried their best. My worst experience was when the water pump blew and it was really terrible.
The Eagle: Any advice to the SMACK students?
Mr. Mbiire: Habits got in school live on. Be careful of what you do now. You may do it for fun but it will follow you. Remember God. You must also have a plan. Apply your brains in the right direction. Aim for the sky you will get the ceiling, aim for the ceiling. Man is the architect of his own destiny.

From the NewVision of Monday, 14th June, 2010:
Uganda's first graduate teacher is dead

By Constantine Odongo
THE veteran mathematician who taught for over 50 years at St. Mary’s College Kisubi is dead.
JC Kiwanuka, the first graduate teacher in Uganda and a former education minister in the short-lived government of DP (1960-61), passed away on Saturday at his home in Kawuku off Entebbe Road, after fighting ill-health for a long time. He was 43 days away from making 91.
According to his long curriculum vitae, Kiwanuka obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1951 from Nottingham University in the UK. He studied in Kisubi from 1937 to 1940 and taught mathematics in the same school from 1951 to 2001.
According to his former students, when Kiwanuka became the education minister, he never threw away the chalk. He would go back to teach his students at night.
Thaddeus Businge, a forester and former student of Kiwanuka, said: “He encouraged us to think and not use calculators, which he said made students lazy. He always felt bad if his students performed poorly; he was a mobile calculator and hardly referred to the Logarithm tables.”
Ivan Agaba, also a former student, sums up the life of the fallen teacher: “You have served the country, groomed so many great men, lived your life to the fullest and now it’s your time to rest.”
As an education minister, Kiwanuka was credited for improving teachers’ salaries and conditions of service and starting the Higher School Certificate in Gayaza High School, Namagunga, Nabbingo and Kisubi after appealing to Governor Andrew Cohen in 1956.
Kiwanuka served on many school boards, including that of Nabbingo (for over 20 years), St. Joseph Technical Institute (over 20 years), St. Savio and Kabojja Junior Schools; St. Henry’s Girls’ SSS Buyege; Uganda Martyrs High School Lubaga; St. Andrews’ Kasaala and Nsambya Girls.
According to a blog, JC Kiwanuka Weraaba, by William Kitaka (William Kituuka Kiwanuka), his body will be removed from Mulago Hospital between 4:00 and 6:00pm Tuesday for a Mass at his residence in Kawuku.
On Wednesday, the body will be taken to Kisubi College chapel for another Mass, starting 10:00am, after which the body would be transported to Bulemezi for burial at 2:00pm on Thursday.
Norah Mukasa, the Kisubi Old Boys’Office administrator, said there was to be a burial preparatory meeting at Palm Tree Restaurant on Buganda Road at 6:00pm. Old Boys are requested to attend and contribute towards the burial arrangements.

The Katikiiro of Buganda Owek. (Engineer) J.B. Walusimbi (Jr) talking about his former late teacher J.C. Kiwanuka

Katikkiro wa Buganda Ying. J.B Walusimbi bw’aba ayogera ku musomesa we J C Kiwanuka asooka kunyeenya mutwe ng’atenda ekitone ky’amagezi Katonda kye yawa Kiwanuka.
Kiwanuka ye musomesa eyasooka okufuna diguli y’ebyenjigiriza mu Uganda era alina likodi y’omusomesa asinze okusomesa emyaka emingi mu ssomero erimu nga takyusiddwa n’agobererwa Fred Bamutalira eyasomesa mu St. Henry’s College Kitovu okuva mu 1965.
Kiwanuka asomesezza mu St. Mary’s College Kisubi okuva mu September wa 1951 okutuuka mu 2001 (gy’emyaka 50) lwe yawummula obusomesa n’adda mu maka ge e Kawuku ku luguudo lw’e Ntebe gye yafiiridde oluvannyuma lw’okumala ekiseera ng’atawaanyizibwa obulwadde.

Ying. Walusimbi agamba nti talyerabira lwe baawa J C Kiwanuka obwaminisita w’ebyenjigiriza ku mulembe gwa Benedicto Kiwanuka wakati wa 1960 ne 1961 kyokka nga bw’annyuka egy’obwaminisita ng’avuga mmotoka n’agenda e Kisubi n’asomesa abayizi essomo ly’okubala.
Ayogerwako ng’omusomesa eyakugiranga ennyo abayizi okukozesa obuuma obweyambisibwa mu kubala obumanyiddwa nga “Culculator”(soma kaliculeeta) era ng’abakubiriza okukozesa obwongo balowooze mangu bakubise emiwendo bafune eky’okuddamu nga tebakozesezza kyuma oba ekitabo ky’emyeso.
Mu be yasomesa mwe muli n’omumyuka wa Pulezidenti Polof. Gilbert Bukenya ne badokita abalala bangi omuli n’eyali akulira eddwaaliro ly’e Mulago Dr. Lawrence Kaggwa, bayinginiya n’abaakuguka mu masomo ga ssaayansi abalala bangi nga baayita mu St. Mary’s College Kisubi, baaloza ku magezi ga Kiwanuka.
Joseph Kitamirike akulira kkampuni ya National Housing Construction Company Ltd bwe yali atontoma ku Kiwanuka ku mukolo Kisubi kwe yajaguliza emyaka 100 mu 2006 yagamba nti “Omusajja ono (Kiwanuka) tetumuwadde kitiibwa kimala. Yeefiiriza bingi okutusomesa era singa teyali ye, osanga tetwandibadde kino kye tuli kati.”
Lwe nasisinkana Kiwanuka mu 2006 nga ng’enzeeyo okuwandiika ku byafaayo bya Kisubi mu nteekateeka z’okujaguza emyaka 100 bukya essomero litandikibwawo mu 1906, yalabika ng’amaanyi gamuwedde wabula ng’obwongo bujjukira kumpi buli kintu.
Yannyumiza ekyekango kye baafuna ky’atalyerabira ekyagwawo mu 1964 ttiimu y’essomero ey’omupiira bwe yagwa ku kabenje mu kifo kati awali Kisubi High ku mayiro 12 ku luguudo lw’e Ntebe abayizi 12 ne bafiirawo.
Yantegeeza nti kino kyaliwo oluvannyuma lwa ttiimu eyalimu John Baptist Ssemanobe ne H.E Tomusange okuwangula St. Henry’s College Kitovu ku ggoolo 1 ku 0 mu mpaka ez’akamalirizo ez’ekikopo kya Buganda Senior Cup.
Abayizi bajja bajaganya mu kkubo nga badda ku ssomero, wabula abajaasi ba Gavumenti olw’akagugulano akaaliwo wakati wa Milton Obote ne Mmengo ne balowooza nti bano baali bawagizi ba Mmengo abawakanya Obote, kwe kubatekaako agamotoka g’amagye agaabawondera era akavuyo akaaliwo ke kaavaako akabenje.

We nneewuunyiza obwongo bwa J C Kiwanuka kwe kutandika okummenyera abayizi abaafa omu ku omu okuli; Ladislaus Kamya, Micheal Owot, Francis Bbosa, Egidio Obela, Philip Kirumira, Maurice Kitimbo, Roman Nsobya, Joseph Yawe, Vincent Oryem, Victor Kagaba, Remigius Ssemakula ne John Kayiira.
Yantegeeza nti Katikkiro wa Buganda mu kiseera ekyo eyali Ssentebe w’olukiiko olufuzi olwa St. Mary’s College Kisubi y’omu ku baasimattuka akabenje ako. Nnavaawo nkakasizza nti Kiwanuka yakaddiwa mutwe naye obwongo bubadde tebukaddiwanga.
William Kituuka Kiwanuka mu katabo ke yawandiika akakwata ku byafaayo bya Kisubi ayogera ku Kiwanuka ng’omusomesa eyalina ekitone eky’enjawulo; awuliriza ensonga z’abayizi, atakalubya by’asomesa era atatera kuva mu mbeera.
Amutendereza nti we yabeerera ssentebe w’ekibiina ky’abaasomerako e Kisubi mu 1956 yakola ennyo okumatiza Gavana eyaliko mu kiseera ekyo Andrew Cohen okussaawo Haaya ku St. Mary’s Kisubi era n’etandikibwawo.
Ying. Walusimbi agamba nti J C Kiwanuka ajja kulwawo ng’ajjukirwa olw’obunyiikivu bw’abadde nabwo wamu n’okwagala okugunjula abaana b’eggwanga nga takulembezza nkola ya “Nfunira wa?”.
Obudde bwe bwonna abadde abuwaayo okusaasaanya amagezi ge yafuna era abagagabanyeko mu myaka 50 gy’amaze ng’asomesa, ababala y’akoowa.
Kiwanuka afudde abuzaayo ennaku 43 okuweza emyaka 91. Yasomera Kisubi wakati wa 1937 ne 1940 era oluvannyuma yaweebwa sikaala y’okusoma diguli mu yunivaasite y’e Nottingham mu Bungereza gye baamutikkirira diguli mu busomesa mu 1951 ng’akuguse mu ssomo ly’okubala; n’afuuka Munnayuganda eyasooka okufuna ddiguli y’Obusomesa.
Olw’obumanyirivu bw’abadde nabwo mu byenjigiriza, abadde atuula ku bukiiko obufuzi obw’amaosomero okuli Nsambya Girls, St. Savio Kisubi, Kabojja Junior School, St. Andrew’s Kasaala, St. Henry’s Girls’ SS Buyege, Uganda Martyrs High School Lubaga n’amasomero amalala. Waakuziikibwa leero e Bukusu mu disitulikiti y’e Luweero gy’azaalwa.

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