Monday, 25 August 2014


While the Census may have its shortcomings, there is fear that NRM may manipulate it for their benefit in 2016 General Elections
The 2014 National Census may realize an acceptable size of the population in Uganda, however, as regards earning assets many people may not give the right information more so as it is hoped that the information may be used as a basis for increased taxation.  Secondly, in Uganda, some people have assets which have been acquired through questionable procedures, many such people cannot give the right information as this may be used to follow them up to establish how they may have got the assets.  Third, there are some people who have assets in their names, but when the right owners are being disguised.  What is a problem is that many people don’t have trust in Government; they cannot believe that the outcome of the exercise will actually be used for their betterment.  However, while individuals may play all sorts of tricks, it will be worse when there are any manipulations on part of Government for benefiting the NRM in the 2016 General elections.  Many people believe NRM cannot be trusted here.

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