Thursday, 18 February 2016


Dr. Besigye has put up a big show in competing for Presidency in Uganda given all the odds.  However, before the announcement of the ‘winner’ by the Electoral Commission, the FDC team should be able to get all the results from the Declaration Forms from the over 28,000 Polling Stations countrywide.

The purpose should be to come up with the right picture of the returns from the various polling stations countrywide, given that ticked ballots in some instances were found, may be, in some areas they may have successfully been added to what the people actually did vote rightly.

What clearly comes out of this election is the voting patterns by people who are progressive while the other category is of those who can be termed backward as well as those who directly benefit from the Museveni governance.  Many of the progressive ones voted for change - in favour of Besigye and these included a number of youth many of whom are unemployed.  Many of the people from the rural and generally those that can be categorized as from backward and remote areas of Uganda voted for Museveni according to returns from the polling so far.

Another important aspect is the role of money in driving the decisions for whom to vote.  It was anticipated that the huge amount of money used by Candidate Museveni in the Poll (direct cash payments to the likes of Commercial Motor cyclists, the giving of free T – shirts which are now clothing for a number of poor people, to mention but a few), could easily give him advantage given the poverty levels. 

If candidate Museveni is announced winner, the 5 years 2016 – 2021 will not be a bed of roses for the people of Uganda.  The projections cannot show any chance of Museveni putting up a better show with huge promises in unfulfilled pledges over the 30 years, with the huge debts the country has to shoulder, with many progressive people virtually fed up of him, with his leadership style where he dictates over the national cake and who should get what; the general situation may be better termed as an unfortunate development for the country and another lost opportunity.  The country needs a completely new approach to its problems of unemployment, uncompetitive energy generation, no viable environmental protection strategy with the country getting to desert conditions slowly but steadily as forests and swamps are abused.

If Museveni comes out successful, it will be sad, but on the part of Museveni, it will be a good development given his leadership which has left many illiterate, and many destitute given the poverty and deprivation countrywide.

I sign off saying: “Cry the beloved country Uganda.”  

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