Friday, 5 February 2016


Uganda Police Force is focused on the elections more so beating in line all who may oppose certain procedures.  In fact candidate Museveni has given them more morale by promoting a number of them so that they eventually deliver a clean job come February 18, 2016.
The policemen, many of them live in conditions that are not worth a human being at this moment in time in development.  Just call near Kajjansi UMEME Sub – station and you will be greeted by aerials in the air from mud hat structures; those house policemen of Uganda.
Uganda Police is failing to pay suppliers of basic foodstuffs, hence killing the goose that lays the golden age.  The hypocrite leaders we have in Uganda forget any common sense in business; they are ready to kill the businessmen that sustain the country as long as they can have the military hardware around to support the status quo.
The NRM and President Museveni wasted time going to the bush and the eventual death of over 500,000 people due to the war.  After telling lies the real intention why he ventured to the bush, the results are the collapse of the business community who they can ignore as long as they can have the cash to import the arm wares that can help the status quo keep power.
If Museveni is not ready to realize the sense that the country can reap out of stability, but ready to push his agenda’s, he has done one thing, wasted the valuable future of Ugandans.
Uganda: Police to Spend Sh15 Billion On Tear Gas, Riots

By Sulaiman Kakaire
To quell riots and keep public order in Uganda in the coming financial year, police will spend at least Shs 15.8bn on tear gas and other relevant riot equipment.
According to the 2014/15 Internal Affairs ministerial policy statement, Shs 14bn will be spent on procuring riot gear, shields, jackets, boots and other equipment necessary to put down riots and other unlawful assemblies. Another Shs 1.8bn will be used by police's directorate of human resource management and development to meet the cost implications of public order management and riot control.
The huge expenditure has come under strong parliamentary criticism. In its report on the policy statement, the House committee on Defence and Internal Affairs argues that the cost of public order management, both in terms of resources and time, has been increasing over time. The committee calls for less-costly policing and advocates for an inquest into the numerous demonstrations and the country's politics.

All Ugandan problems have been solved by me, says Museveni

A number of challenges that had characterized Uganda in the past governments were solved by the National Resistance Movement (NRM), president Museveni has said.
According to Mr Museveni, insecurity, infrastructure and economic challenges, among others faced by Ugandans have been solved by the NRM led by him.
“All the problems have been solved by NRM led by me. All the others have been passengers in the bus. I led the war and brought peace. What have all the others done for you?” he asked.
Mr Museveni made the remarks on Monday during a question and answer session with the press at State Lodge in Gulu.

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