Thursday, 18 February 2016


Since 1996, I have been casting my vote in two Polling Stations within Kajjansi Trading Centre (8miles Entebbe Highway), hinterland.  In all instances at both Kajjansi Dispensary and Faith Trust Polling Stations, Polling had all the time started by 7.00am, that is 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011.

This time round on February 18, 2016, I arrived at the station at 7.08am.  There was no sign of any organization for voting at the station.  I met voters on one line in a situation where there were supposed to be two distinct lines (A – NAJ) and (NAK – Z).
By around 8.00am, the mapping out of the areas where the polling was to be undertaken started, and what had been one line was eventually divided into two given the categorization.
It was a big wait for 7 hours before a vehicle in dangerous mechanical condition (DMC) arrived with the Polling materials.

By the time of arrival of the materials, a number of people had decided to go back home or their places of work.  However, about an hour or so after the delivery, at past 2pm, the Polling officially started.

It was encouraging to see many voters determined to stay until they cast their vote, and indeed by 3pm the turn up was really impressive.  

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