Sunday, 7 February 2016


Candidate Museveni has come out in his usual threatening mood and style following my proposal to those who think that they should Vote for him to better stay at home that day.
I did not write the proposal out of nothingness.  It is just to help get sense into some Ugandans who are never serious, the type who may not be able to buy a shirt or other clothing and instead get so excited on being given a free ‘Vote Museveni T – shirt,’ and end up casting their vote for him when the old man is responsible for the misguided and ill – conceived policies that keep sinking the country which as a Pearl of Africa has all the resources one can think of that could help get many out of poverty and unemployment if only there was rightly guided leadership at the top.
Those Ugandans who will go out on February 18, 2016 to vote Museveni will be the same people who shortly after will complain about failed service delivery in virtually every sector of the economy.  So, my advice to these myopic people, who in spite of the fact that Museveni’s failures have become day to day talk, the best is to advise them to stay home as in so doing the better service delivery may become a reality when a President who will be accountable to the people is voted.
I was old enough when Museveni captured power in 1986.  I was working with Uganda Commercial Bank – Jinja Main branch.  I had seen and also participated in paying farmers who were beneficiary of Cooperatives, more so when it was Coffee season and they would flock to the bank for payment.  The misguided leadership of Museveni killed the Cooperative infrastructure replacing the farmers’ savings with the so – called SACCO’s that have to wait for hand – outs from the Government!
When NRM captured power, Museveni had looked a strong man and I thought that thieves in Government were to be history.  I got it wrong.  During Museveni’s time, stealing from Government is the norm, and it is now believed that some of the billions of cash used in NRM campaigns are proceeds from this racket.
There were questions about USAFI market: Mystery surrounds the sale of Usafi Market in Kampala after details emerged that the market was leased out at sh110m three years ago.  The lease holder, Omar Nasoro Ssekamatte, now wants to sell it at sh43b. According to sources, the lease was transferred to him from an individual only identified as Ssesimba, with the consent of Kampala district land board in 2011. But there are conflicting figures about the market’s going price.  Whereas Ssekamatte asked for sh43b, impeccable sources have revealed that Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is planning to pay sh37.9b, starting this financial year.
You can equally look at the shs 45bn Government is spending on printing Ballot papers!  This is an open scandal of unbelievable dimension.
As corruption has eaten a great percentage of the tax resources, poor service delivery has become the norm.  Across the board, the health services in Government establishments are beyond definition.  Women have passed on as they found health workers without morale.  In fact many people would be alive today if only the health services were performing.
On the side of enterprising business community, those who have lost out after Government’s failure to pay in time are so many with the suppliers to Uganda Police clearly stating their position.  Museveni’s Government can go on to fund whatever he believes will help him stay in power at the expense of the producers of wealth.
On the part of accountability, Museveni wants us to respect him, however, when you ask him to account for the proceeds of the sale of public enterprises, he is not bothered.   
Many Ugandans are demanding or the reinstatement of some of the public enterprises which President Museveni’s Government sold off.

As Museveni makes his campaigns for re-election, he needs to give an account to Ugandans as regards the amount to-date raised from the public enterprises his Government sold off, and how the people have benefited from the proceeds.

It is also public knowledge that the PERD Act stipulates that the proceeds of the divestiture account may only be used or designated functions including, or present purposes, the promotion of Ugandan Entrepreneurs for agricultural and industrial development. 

It is not clear how Bujagali Dam Construction became a beneficiary of US$27m transferred to the Energy Fund Account from the Divestiture funds given the PERD Act. Section 26(3) which; specifically relates to industrial development.

There is need or a report as regards the beneficiary Ugandan Enterprises given the Act.

Time for campaigns is almost running out but Museveni has not bothered to tell Ugandans how he hopes to manage the amount the country owes DRC following his military adventures to that country.  The Attorney General, Mr Peter Nyombi said the claim by the DRC, which resulted from activities of Uganda’s army in the neighbouring country in the late 1990s, had actually shot to $23 billion.

If I come and tell the voters of Uganda who want to vote for him to better stay home, all I mean is that if they help us to get change may be we shall have a President who loves Uganda and will go an extra mile to get to his knees and beg DRC to forgive the poor Uganda.

Kiwanuka Kituuka is an international figure.  On two occasions I have reached out to the international community for support to my fund raising drive, and trust the NRM Government, not a penny has reached my bank accounts in Cairo International bank and Barclays respectively.  I am a publisher, at least among other publications; I have at least 10 on my former school – St. Mary’s College Kisubi.  I have so much content on the Internet.  What I long to see is Uganda under good leadership.  Gone are the leaders whose works cannot be questioned.  If it is a crime to tell Museveni the truth in his face as he runs the country as if it were his house hold, I am ready even if it is to die for that truth.  We as Ugandans need better.  Many Ugandans died as the 5 year bush war went on.  Many other Ugandans have since died for various reasons.  I will be happy if I die and my cause of death is trying to tell the truth and real truth to those who do not want to leave the leadership of the country.

Once more, no one needs to worry; I have made my own Funeral Service Booklet.  It is a matter of printing it out as people see me off whether am physically there (as a dead body or not), but I will never ever keep quiet about the injustice by Museveni.


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