Friday, 19 February 2016


I had  come up with the decision to stand for President of Uganda in 2016 given my conviction that I could fund raise using the Internet facility and my creativeness as well as innovation abilities.  Indeed I got it wrong as the machinery I was to use is wholly in the hands of the NRM Government.  To date, I believe I have sent out about 3,000 appeals internationally.  However, when I last contacted Barclays Bank, the reply I got was as follows:
Dear Mr. Kituuka,
We greatly apologise for the delay in response to your email.
We have checked with our EFT system and there is no evidence that funds were ever remitted to your account.
However, it is impossible to check further because more information would be required. Information like the amounts, currency, mode of transfer and the remitter.  If you can get the remitter to provide this information, we will be happy to check further.
Kind regards,
Sharon Amayo I   Customer Service   I   COO's Office
Tel + 256 (0)417 122896  
Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited, Plot 2, Hannington Road
I made a mistake to have used the above strategy; however, mistakes are to humans.  This was the second time I was fund raising for the big office.  The 1st time was in 2010 when not less than 4 of my emails collapsed/ceased to exist.  One of the formats of my appeals was as indicated on the link below:
And, surprisingly, my communication to a certain Mr Ishaq Sentongo who was responsible in Cairo International bank did not receive any response and the same was the case with Bank of Uganda then (2010) and even this time around (2015).
I believe a number of Government organs and Ministries are involved in blocking the funding.  These among others include: Bank of Uganda, Ministry of Finance, President’s Office, Uganda Communications’ Commission to mention a few.  
I needed at least shs 60bn or US $24m to show Ugandans a different approach to campaigns and get to convince them to support my bid.  I had no worry contesting with President Museveni given my strategies and it looks like my chances to contest have run out.
I thank God who gave me the determination to wish to contest, 2ndly, the ability to be able to communicate to the whole world about the plight of Ugandans and what I see as the strategies that could help the situation.
By October 2014, I had seen that the way to go was to unite Ugandans as a leader given the way party politics has divided the people and the loss of hope for any better future given the governance of the NRM Government.  I was able to tell Ugandans and the international community that given the number of political parties in existence, there was no certainty that any single party could make 50% in the Presidential vote, so, the way forward is to join hands.  And, that running for President is an expensive undertaking such that other parties apart from the NRM – O have no ability of easily raising the substantial amount necessary to be influential enough and manage the logistics for President Single handed.
I thank all who may have fund raised for my bid in 2010 and this time round.  I am most grateful to their sacrifice and support, though the Government of Uganda knows where the resources were/have been put.
To those involved in this game of confiscating such resources, I pray to the Almighty God to see what is worthy for their destiny in life.
Kiwanuka Kituuka

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