Monday 5 June 2023


Annet Babirye Namukwaya 81 was popularly known as Mulongo Babirye among those who knew her and interacted with her. She loved to serve the Catholic Church she belonged to, and there is good testimony to this as a number of Catholic Fathers testify on her parental nature and how she related with them. Babirye breathed her last during the night of 1st June 2023. She first requested to be taken outside her house to better enhance her breathing before she breathed her last. After early Mass at Katwe on Sunday morning, June 4, the body of Babirye was taken to Wamala at her family's burial ground. The Kolping Association graced the function of seeing her off. She had been their member. Testimonies were made about the courageous Babirye who was left with young children in 1972 when the father of her children Sam Muwanga was claimed following a motor accident in Jinja where Muwanga worked with Uganda Electricity Board (UEB). Babirye was so parental and she cared for children who were not her blood. The weather had not been good from around 10.30am on Sunday. There was a brief heavy shower which left motorist puzzled and some were not able to get their vehicles beyond Kawuku - Nakawuka road as it was so slipperly uphill. The Mayor Kajjansi Town Council was among those who testified about the good in Babirye. Hon. J B former MP Busiro testified about Babirye as the type of person who nurtured her as a DP diehard who never changed and remained committed to the Democratic Party (DP). J B started off with a song which he sang with some other DP members. It was meant to bring out to the mourners the type of person Babirye had been. Jimmy Muwanga who lives in London was able to join mourners before the burial of his mother. Jimmy was grateful to all who had supported his mother all the time. He thanked the mourners for having come to bid farewell to his mother. He prayed to God that their family remains united.

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